Creating business logo stickers is a great way to customise product packaging and labelling.

It can also boost brand awareness and create a professional look for your products. 

Why do custom business logo stickers matter to your business? Because this marketing material may be small but is impactful if designed correctly.

“Did you know that business logo stickers can foster brand loyalty? Around 43% of consumers are willing to spend extra on brands they are loyal to.” — Fabrik

Your logo is the most powerful symbol of your company and what it stands for. It is the first thing your customers notice before they encounter your products.

This is why first impression is critical to gain the trust and loyalty of consumers.

It pays to use high-quality stickers for product labelling, packaging, and customising to impress your target audience.

Below, we have listed a step-by-step guide to help you make business logo stickers in Adobe Illustrator. 

Let us start now:

Business Logo Stickers

Make sure that you have a high-resolution version of your logo available. You will need a vector file of your logo in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai) or another vector format such as .eps. If you only have a raster image (such as a .jpg or .png file), you should trace the logo to create a vector version in Illustrator.

Step 2: Set up your document

Set up your document

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Set the document size to the dimensions you want your sticker to be. Say you want a 3-inch sticker. Set the document size to 3 inches by 3 inches. Ensure that the resolution is set to 300 dpi.

Create Bleed

Create Bleed
  1. To create a document with bleeds, open Illustrator and click File > New
  2. Type in the size of the document (Mentioned above)
  3. To add a bleed, go to the “Bleed” section and click on the arrow under the section titled “Top” until you see “0.125 in”. Adjusting the bleed under one section will auto-populate the rest.
  4. Click “Create”

The art board has been created. You can tell the bleed has been added to your document by seeing the red line around it. Be sure any colours or pictures are meant to go to the page’s edge and extend past the edge to the red bleed line. It is to ensure there is no unwanted white space when printing.

Create Your Designs

Click on File > Place to import your logo into Illustrator. Place your logo in the centre of the document by dragging it with the selection tool.

Clean up your logo

If your logo has any unnecessary elements or backgrounds, use the tools in Illustrator to remove them. Use the direct selection tool to select and delete any unwanted parts of your logo. If it has a white background, you can use the magic wand tool to select and delete it.

Step 5: Export your sticker

Export your sticker

When you are finished creating your business logo stickers, save it as a high-resolution PDF or EPS file. Make sure that the bleed and crop marks are turned on. These marks will help the printer know where to cut the sticker.

Step 6: Print your sticker


Your business logo stickers have to be printed professionally. So, depending on a reliable sticker printing service is a must. Why? Because they have different materials, supplies, shapes, and finishes available to create high-quality logo stickers to meet your specifications.

You only need to submit your design and wait until they are done proofing. It is to ensure that you will get what you expect.

Final Thoughts

Do not underestimate the power of a logo to make your brand noticeable to your target audience. Remember that every stroke of shape, colour, and design could evoke emotions. It also conveys a message about your company’s values, goals, mission, and brand personality. 

Aside from creating business logo stickers, you can also learn how to create packaging labels in Adobe Illustrator. Remember to maintain brand consistency when creating one.

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