What’s the Custom Stickers?

If there is a business that has been all the rage for years, it’s slime. This gooey toy gained the interest of everyone (children, adults, and even older adults) because of its stress-relieving effect.

When you search the internet for slime, you will be presented with different sorts enclosed in airtight containers of various shapes, colours, and sizes.

With the growing interest and demand for the product, businesses are using creative approaches to have their creation noticed by interested buyers online and in-store.

For instance, forming the slime in virtually any form and adding pigments, glitters and other kinds of decorations to add a more satisfying feel when people fiddle with the sticky, stretchy substance.

The more pleasing it looks, the more buyers would want to have it.

If you are thinking of a better way to power up your slime business, extending the visual interest into the packaging using custom stickers is definitely a must-do.

Stickers are cost-effective and customisable to have the special look you want to mark the slime product.

Here are three ways you can leverage the use of Custom stickers to stand out from your competitors.

Logo Stickers

Custom Stickers: 3 Ways to Power Up Your Slime Business 5

Having your own logo design fixed on the slime container helps make your product distinguishable from others. A cost-effective way to have customised packaging is by getting logo stickers.

You can place your business logo Custom stickers on the lid or the main container, wherever it would be more noticeable.

Paper stickers are ideally used for printing logos as the most cost-effective material that still offers excellent printing results. A glossy finish would make a great feature to achieve an eye-catching shine to the sticker.

Custom Sticker Label

Custom Stickers (Label)
Custom Stickers: 3 Ways to Power Up Your Slime Business 6

A label contains relevant information about your product and its unique features. You can include the name of the particular slime, the scent, the texture, and the elasticity level on the label.

Slimes are a perfect favour for children’s birthday parties. School teachers also often use slime for class experiments or simply as a fun activity for children. And if the slime is needed in large amounts, they’ll be more likely to order from a store instead of DIY-ing.

When receiving such a bulk order, it would be a wise idea to offer customised product labels tailored to the occasion. By doing so, you’ll be able to kindle a positive impression on your customers. 

A standard vinyl sticker makes a great labelling material for your slime since it has a waterproof feature. Information on the label remains legible and clear when exposed to moisture. Plus, it can hide the contents of the container, bringing curiosity and excitement to your buyers.

Alternatively, you may as well have a transparent sticker for your label to reveal the content, especially if it has all sorts of decorations inside. See if they can resist!

Freebie Stickers

Freebie Stickers
Custom Stickers: 3 Ways to Power Up Your Slime Business 7

Custom Stickers always bring out joy and excitement, and what more if they are given for free?

Adding free stickers to every order is one way you can express your gratitude for your customer’s support of your business.

It will likely result in a repeat order or customers will voluntarily recommend you to their friends as favourable feelings nurture thanks to the gift.

Holographic stickers can be your go-to choice for printing your freebies. It is made of a special vinyl material that amazingly creates a rainbow effect when light reflects on the surface.

Plus, holo stickers are waterproof and heatproof, so your customers can apply the sticker on their phones, laptops, water bottle, and other personal items.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of slime remains on the rise even after all these years, and it looks like it will continue to grow and evolve. As a small business owner in that industry competing against thousands of brands, you can easily slide your way in with cheap and versatile Custom stickers. Pair it with vibrant and colourful designs and strategic placement, and you’ll surely become noticeable to the public eye!