Do you want to custom Photo Stickers?

In today’s digital age, it is so easy to record moments in our lives. Not only the special events but even the mundane ones.

We have our cameras and smartphones to capture a breathtaking sunset view, a cute cloud formation, our animal friends, and any random moment that we want to look back on.

Most especially, we have our cherished family portraits and goofy selfies with friends stored closely in our phone gallery. Of course, with hundreds or thousands saved on our devices, we have a few favourites.

What if there is a way to make those photos into tangible keepsakes that you can stick to everyday items as decoration? Photo stickers come in handy if you want to journal important events in your life.

In this blog, we give you tips and ideas in order to have crisp and clear personalized photo stickers.

Choose the right photos

photo stickers

Perhaps you have hundreds of photos for the same subjects or scenes, just taken from different angles with varied expressions. It can be confusing which to choose, but a simple (yet can be laborious) way to single out the best choice is to carefully go through each of them. Delete the blurry and poorly angled ones until you have selected the final and best photo.

Enhance your photo

Enhance your photo

If you have a good foundation with editing, you can enhance the photo by adjusting the brightness, contrast and vibrancy to make the colours pop and more vivid. You can also use photo editing sites like Canva to use filters, add effects, and design elements like frames, stickers, and text.

Find a reliable sticker printing company

Find a reliable sticker printing company

You can print your stickers in the comfort of your home as long as you have the materials needed, such as a computer, printer, and self-adhesive photo papers. But if you want to get high-quality results, look for a company that offers professional printing services.

At StickerMarket, we can help you transform your treasured photos into stickers. We offer a wide range of material options, paper-based and vinyl-based with special finishing features for an extra layer of protection.

Considering Photo Stickers Material

Your choice of sticker material must depend on where you intend to display them because it plays a significant role in the overall appearance and durability of your custom photo sticker.

If you want to use quality stickers to decorate your journal, then art paper stickers would make a perfect choice since they won’t be exposed to elements that may cause damage, like water. You can choose from our three finishing options to achieve your desired aesthetics.

On the other hand, if you intend to use photo stickers in an outdoor environment, a standard vinyl material would be your best choice. You can stick them to your phone or laptop. It is also a great idea to add photos to event tokens, especially for celebrating birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Vinyl stickers have waterproof features, so the photos remain sharp for longer periods.

In summary, stickers are definitely a versatile tool, not only for branding purposes but for transforming your cherished photographs into tangible and personalized keepsakes. You can use photo stickers to decorate your diary, everyday items like a laptop, or create heartfelt gifts for family and friends.