Most laptops look closely similar to each other. It is understandable that at least once in your life, you have mistaken someone’s gadget or the other way around.

One way to prevent that from happening (again) is by adding some decorations to your laptop to add a personal touch and make it truly yours.

In this blog, we discuss why stickers are the perfect solution for personalizing your laptop, as well as tips and ideas to properly do so. Read on.

Why decorate your laptop with stickers

For many of us, our laptop has become an essential part of our lives. Laptops are lightweight and portable, so one can continue to access and enter data easily, even when not in their respective workspaces.

If you want some change in the environment, you can bring your laptop to the nearest coffee shop or move to a different corner of your home or office, and all the information and tools you need to continue working are just right there in your handy device.

Even classes have become more flexible in recent times because of the availability of virtual classrooms. As long as they have their own device, students no longer have to be physically in their school or university to attend classes. They can conveniently do so in the comfort of their homes or complete their assignments at a café.

But with all the moving around, it can’t be helped that your device acquires a few scratches. Using stickers will not only enhance the look of your device but will also serve as a protective layer to prevent stains and scuffs from daily use.

How to choose the right stickers for your laptop

Essentially, there are no specific rules on what sticker design you use for your laptop, but here are tips that you can consider along the way.

1. Pick a design that reflects your interest and passion

How to choose the right stickers for your laptop
Best Ways to Decorate Your Laptop With Stickers: Tips and Ideas 7

There are a lot of sticker designs you can find online that you can choose from. But if you cannot find one that suits your taste, you can order custom stickers online and create your own design.

2. Choose a heat-resistant sticker

2. Choose a heat-resistant sticker
Best Ways to Decorate Your Laptop With Stickers: Tips and Ideas 8

Laptops can heat up after several hours of use or when the battery is being charged. Some adhesives for stickers can weaken when exposed to heat. After some time, the sticker will fall off, messing up your aesthetics. Hologram stickers, for one, are a great material option for laptop stickers because they are made of special vinyl material that withstands high temperatures.

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Where best to place stickers on your laptop

1. Laptop lid

1. Laptop lid
Best Ways to Decorate Your Laptop With Stickers: Tips and Ideas 9

This outer part of your laptop is the prime area for applying stickers because it has a much bigger space for some decorative displays. There is no limit to how many stickers you use nor how you arrange them all together. Use your creativity and express yourself with every piece.

2. Palm rest

2. Palm rest
Best Ways to Decorate Your Laptop With Stickers: Tips and Ideas 10

Another part of your laptop that would make a great canvas is the sides of the touchpad, where you place your palms as you type. You can apply stickers with an inspirational quote to keep you motivated as you work or a funny illustration to get a positive vibe every time you look at it.

3. Keyboard deck

3. Keyboard deck
Best Ways to Decorate Your Laptop With Stickers: Tips and Ideas 11

You can go all out by placing stickers along the edges of the keyboard. Stickers are available in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find tiny designs that would fit in slimmer areas.

Before placing stickers on your laptop device, be sure to wipe the surface with a cleaning cloth to get rid of specks of dust, stains, and oils that may have accumulated. The stickers may not adhere well if the area where you intend to place them is covered with particles.

Now, it’s time to collect tons of stickers and get started with decorating your laptop.