For the past few years, people have shown how popular stickers are for both personal and business uses. People tend to collect these and stick them onto their personal belongings. As for businesses, it is used for advertising their products and services. Though it may seem old-fashioned, the uses of these objects are rather effective. Thus, they make for quirky and fun tools to use.

Running a business can be a complicated endeavour. You’ll need to try different approaches to find something that works and be successful. Of course, stickers are part of that approach. To promote and build your brand, you can try incorporating different stickers into your marketing strategies. 

Today, we’ll be providing you with different ways that you can make use of stickers. Each one will help you grow your business and find people who’ll become interested in what you have to offer.

Let’s jump into it.

Make Your Package Interactive

Make Your Package Interactive

If you wish to add a layer of surprise and intrigue to your products, you can add mini-puzzles to the packaging. Customers can peel away each layer to find the treasure you’ve included inside the package. You can place the product the customer ordered at the bottom or, even better, add a freebie for your customers to find. These days, unboxing has become even more popular than ever.

Creating an unforgettable unboxing experience is something that your customers will surely appreciate. Once they get a taste of your creativity, they’ll be looking for what you’ve got stored the next time they order a package from you. Creative and interactive packaging can even become your thing and be what you are known for.

Excellent for Events

Excellent for Events

Got an event coming up? You can make use of custom promotional stickers to spread the word around about it. Create specific event stickers with QR codes that lead event goers to the official website. This will allow them to stay informed about your event. The event goers will be happy to have something convenient to keep up with all the announcements.

Aside from providing the event goers with a convenient information tool, it can also serve as a fantastic keepsake. People often create fond memories of the event that they go to, so the sticker is the perfect item. Once the event is over, the things that you give away will help your brand grow even further than before.

Create a Loyalty and Membership Program

Membership Program

Encourage your customers to keep coming back to your store with a loyalty program. Stickers can be used to mark how many times a customer has purchased a product or a sticker can mean that a customer is part of your membership program. Each of these has its very own perks that you can make use of to boost customer loyalty and engagement.

Whether you offer discounts or exclusive products, having these types of deals will give people more reason to come and purchase from you. Having a good program is just the cherry on top of every product and service that you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your branding, spreading your influence far and wide.

Those are three different ways your businesses can make use of stickers. You can add various content to keep things fresh and unique. Aside from the examples that we’ve provided above, you can also use various methods to promote and market your brands using your various stickers. Together with some market research, your efforts will surely succeed.