Amazing Sticker Tips! Top 10 Creative Uses for Stickers 13

Tips of stickers! Hello, this is Sticker Marget. You get or buy stickers when you go to stores, some events, amusement parks, and all kinds of other places, right? If you notice, you probably have quite a lot of stickers lying around your house.

For those of you who are wondering where to put stickers, we, as sticker professionals, would like to introduce 10 uses of stickers in one place, so please take a look at them!

10 Tips to use stickers

1. Stick it on your phone case.

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Amazing Sticker Tips! Top 10 Creative Uses for Stickers 14

1st of tips, The first idea is to prepare a transparent phone case and design an original phone case. I am sure there are other services that make original phone cases, but if you print the design on the case itself, it will cost a lot. In such cases, how about printing your original stickers? We recommend this service because it is convenient and allows you to freely design the sticker on the clear case as you wish!

2. Stick it on a glass jar.

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Amazing Sticker Tips! Top 10 Creative Uses for Stickers 15

2nd of tips, This idea is for those who are starting a food and beverage business, but you can produce original containers at low cost by attaching them to glass jars! You often see original jam jars for sale at bakeries and other places.
By the way, we recommend using high-quality paper or Yupo material for the stickers that go well with these jars! If you are thinking of starting a new bakery or running a café, please think about it!

3. For gift wrapping.

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3th of tips, You often see them when wrapping gifts purchased at a store or wrapping chocolates. The type of stickers used in these cases are called three-dimensional stickers, and since they can create a sense of luxury, you can use them as stickers for wedding invitations! How about making your own wedding invitations together with your partner for this important life event?

4. Stick it on a tumbler or cup.

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Amazing Sticker Tips! Top 10 Creative Uses for Stickers 17

4th of tips, If you are planning to open a café, wouldn’t it be nice to have original take-out cups? There is a method of printing on the cup itself like Starbucks, but it is a little troublesome. In such cases, stickers can be produced in large quantities at low cost, as they can be simply affixed to transparent cups.
For personal use, it may be interesting to put a sticker on a tumbler that you usually use to give it a personal touch.

5. In a transparent lunch box.

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5th of tips, Take-out is all the rage these days, partly because of the coronavirus. There are even restaurants and cafes that specialize in take-out. Speaking of popular restaurants and cafes, taste is of course important, but nowadays, spreading the word on social networking sites is also important. How about trying a little creativity to spread the word on Instagram?

6. Stylishly affixed to a BOX.

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6th of tips, Recently, more and more people are running personal stores on CtoC on Mercari and on Instagram. I have also purchased accessories on Instagram, and in such cases, I think it is a very careful store if even the box is carefully designed. At Sticker Market, you can order from 100 small sized stickers. If you have been packaging your products in ordinary cardboard boxes, why not add a little extra care to make them stand out from the rest?

In fact, if you are running a handmade store, you can often increase sales by focusing on other aspects of your business,
It is often said that focusing on areas other than the products will lead to higher sales.

If you think of it as an initial investment in starting a store, it is not that expensive.

7. Carry Case.

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Amazing Sticker Tips! Top 10 Creative Uses for Stickers 20

7th of tips, Once you buy a carry-on case (suitcase), you use it many times. No matter how carefully you use them, they end up being thrown around at the airport, or become dirty due to various factors, and before you know it, they are falling apart. In such cases, you can kill two birds with one stone by applying a sticker. You can hide the stains and add your own personality at the same time.

Moreover, when you check your baggage with the airline and pick it up at the arrival point, you don’t have to search for your baggage and you don’t have to worry about other people’s mistakes. The possibility of having your baggage mistakenly taken by someone else and ending up as lost baggage is also greatly reduced.

8. On the rear windshield of the car.

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Amazing Sticker Tips! Top 10 Creative Uses for Stickers 21

8th of tips, It would be fun to make a beginner’s mark for your car or a unique car sticker of your own to put on it! You just have to be careful to choose stickers that are properly waterproofed!

9. On the windowpane.

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9th of tips, If you are a store owner, how about putting your store’s logo on the window glass as shown in this picture? Recently, we often see anti-Corona stickers and mask stickers, but you can also use them as temporary notices for events, guides, price lists, and anything else! If you are interested in large format stickers, please visit our website for more information!

10. Helmet.

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Amazing Sticker Tips! Top 10 Creative Uses for Stickers 23

10th of tips, The last one is for those who like motorcycles and racing, but it would be cool to put it on your helmet, like this one. You can easily make your own original helmet by putting stickers on it, and it would be amazing fun to go for a drive wearing it.
If you are a team member, it would also be a great morale booster to make the same design for the whole team.