The year is 2024 and digital media is more powerful than ever. With AI running around, it has become easier to create and advertise services and products. But what about printed media? Has it become obsolete? Discarded in favour of our AI overlords? Many businesses ask the very same questions, especially with news and magazine articles transitioning to websites and other digital platforms. 

Despite the focus on digital platforms, printed materials and advertisements still have their place in different industries. Because of their non-invasive nature, many people tend to enjoy seeing things like fliers or stickers being passed around. People usually like things that are tangible. It is more personal to have an item that you can hold in your hand and flip over.

We’ll be discussing the various reasons why your business should make use of printed tools. Your customers will appreciate the unconventional methods you are using and how unique your adverts are going to be when compared to the big corporate ads they see each day.

Let’s jump in.

Provides a Nice Break From Screens

Provides a Nice Break From Screens

The digital revolution brought a lot of conveniences into people’s lives. From entertainment to services, you can do many things with just your phone. As such, people spend more time facing a computer/phone screen than anything else. While it may be necessary due to work or school, it is also important to take a break from it all.

Things like fliers, stickers, cards, and other similar materials provide people with this much-needed break. This respite allows them to rest their eyes from the constant stream of information and just relax. Facing the relentless glow of the screen doesn’t just damage your eyes, it can cause a lot of mental strain as well.

Of course, this applies to marketing as well. More often than not, people will see those annoying pop-up ads, causing stress. While printed adverts also promote something, it isn’t nearly as annoying as a pop-up ad. Instead, people can take their time checking out your advert without having to worry about any malware or other things affecting their computer.

It’s Tangible and Provides Sensory Experiences

Its Tangible and Provides Sensory

Despite the convenience and prevalence of digital media, many people still love and prefer physical media. Holding something like a card or stickers provides people with a sensory experience that digital screens can’t just can’t replicate. You should consider using different textures and materials to create something that simulates people who find your adverts.

You can explore different designs and creative avenues to attract the attention of people of all ages and cultures. Add some scent to your custom materials to make them stand out above the others. Potential customers will want to hold your well-designed adverts in their hands. If done well, you can make something that your customers will remember forever.

Establishing a physical connection with your brand is ideal. Don’t hesitate to try new and unique textures for your advert. The main goal you should have is to become as memorable as possible.

Compliments Digital Marketing Well

Compliments Digital Marketing Well

If you are using a digital approach to your marketing, printed materials can complement the campaign rather well. The cheap production cost makes it ideal as a support piece to each of the promotions that you’ve planned out. You can create organic traffic to your social media and websites by using your resources and creativity.

For example, you can add QR codes or your social handles on your stickers, fliers, brochures, and business cards. As these are the tools you mostly use, adding your socials will create more traffic to your accounts as you spread the adverts around. Be sure to create some intrigue with a bit of mystery to your ad campaigns.

Combining these two can bring about the best of worlds. Each method can cover the weakness of the other. You’ll be able to use various tactics to fully maximise your marketing campaigns’ full potential.

Those are the reasons why printed materials are still relevant today! There are various reasons why people still make use of these tools, despite the various advances in technology. Don’t hesitate to check out various guides online so that you can find more tips and tricks that will guide you towards success.