Stickers are a fantastic way for business and regular people alike. The various options available means that you can almost do anything with them. Need to decorate your house? There’s a decal for that. Need a sign for your store front? There’s a sticker for that too. With nearly unlimited options, it is only normal to get overwhelmed.

For example, did you know that there are different cuts to a sticker? Although they all look similar to each other, they have something that makes them unique. We’ll be taking a closer look at the different types you could choose from and introduce them to you. With this guide, you’ll be able to gain some insight on which shape and design you should be using.

When you are printing, it is important to take note of these differences as each one fits certain styles and designs. 

Let’s jump right in.


Kiss Cut

When you think about stickers, this is the type that usually comes to mind. This cut is the most common type you’ll see and is made by cutting through the material but not the backing. The kiss-cut type is easy to use and can be applied on any surface. Most used for labelling, branding, and marketing, these stickers are ideal for companies to place their logo on.

The versatile and durable nature of this product means that it can be used in every scenario and setting. They are also quite popular among artists as they use it to create fun and intricate designs. A common place to see these are on laptops, water bottles, and other personal belongings. This type is recommended if you are planning to print in bulk. Because of its protective edge, the sticker will stay intact. Give them away to your customers and partners!



Die-cut is cut in a specific way. It takes on the shape of the sticker itself, opening the door of possibilities. This type helps you customise each of your stickers into various different forms and shapes. If you want to show off your creativity and individuality, then this is the one for you. Making use of different shapes and sizes can catch the attention of anyone who passes by.

This type is recommended if you are planning a promotional event and need your logo, message, or design to be in a unique shape. Using these types will emphasise and increase the value of your brand. Don’t hesitate to try out kooky and unconventional designs as these will allow you to show off the die-cuts best features.

What’s The Difference?


The biggest thing that separates these two is the way that the sticker is cut. As we’ve mentioned above, kiss-cut aren’t cut all the way to the backing paper, leaving behind a border around the sticker. The process makes it easier to mass-produce, as only the top layer needs to be cut through.

The die-cut stickers, on the other hand, doesn’t have the backing paper. They are completely custom-shaped. As the process for this is more complex and consumes a lot of time, die cut stickers are a bit pricier. 

Those are the two different ways stickers are cut! Depending on what you’ll need, each can offer you an advantage. Use this guide to help you find the best option! Of course, there are other types of stickers out there, so be sure to check them out.