The core of marketing is presentation. Your adverts need to look and feel great. This is especially true if you are using visual mediums like stickers. Creating a great design is just the first step towards creating the best sticker possible. One of the things you’ll need to think about and consider is what material you’ll be using for your tool.

Each one is unique and has a specific benefit to it. If you are just starting, it can be rather confusing and overwhelming to find the right choice. The design and material you pick will determine the overall quality of the sticker, so you need to do your homework to produce the best product possible.

In our blog today, we’ll help you learn all about the different materials of stickers, what makes them unique, and where they are used the best.

Let’s jump in.



These are the types of stickers that you commonly see being used. Best used for indoor application, it is the perfect option to use as decorations on your stationary and for promotional purposes. You can use these as part of your ad campaigns, giving them any way to customers so they can be used by them.

The cost-effective nature of this item makes it perfect if you are on a tight budget. During events, these can be used as part of your giveaways, strengthening your brand’s reputation. Although they aren’t as durable as ones made of vinyl, paper stickers are still an incredible option if you need excellent and cheap advertising tools.



Speaking of vinyl, this option is one of the most popular options chosen. Similar to paper stickers, these can be used in almost every situation. However, it has one significant advantage over paper material: Durability. Because of this feature, it has become the favourite for many businesses and individuals alike.

They are made from a premium synthetic material, making them resistant to weather. This type is the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can customise these with various finishes (glossy or matt) and choose between kiss-cut or die-cut for your shapes. The main characteristics of this sticker make it perfect for being used as product labels, branding, and even bumper stickers.



As the name implies, this type is completely clear. Many businesses choose this material for its minimalistic and simple look. They are an excellent option for brands that wish to make use of designs without a background. Its simplistic nature is a favourite among many brands today, due to the rise in minimalism.

This type is mainly used for custom product packaging, especially for food items. A transparent label allows the customers to see the goods right away. Another place this sticker is used is on glass and plastic containers. This is because they add another dimension to an otherwise bland window and containers. 

Those are the top sticker materials you should know about. Now, there are tons of types out there, not just these. Whatever need you have, there is guaranteed to be a sticker you can use for that. Check out our shop to see all the different kinds and find the best one that you can use to take your business to the next level.