Although they seem to have been around forever, stickers were only invented under a century ago. Their recent rise to popularity means that you’ve probably seen a bunch on your daily commute or on the elevator ride to your office. There are so many shapes and sizes that it’ll make your head spin. If you are looking to use a sticker for your marketing campaign or for personal purposes, it is important to know what types are popular.

Different types play different roles. Understanding what they do can give you an advantage. For example, using the correct type of label stickers helps separate it from all of the rest. We’ll assist you in gaining that important knowledge with this blog. You’ll gain some insight into some types that are well-used in different industries and companies.

Our guide shows you a few types of stickers that are rather popular. Not only that, but these should be useful for any occasion. Let’s get into it.

Standing Out in With Die-Cut

Standing Out in With Die Cut

These kinds of stickers are cut precisely into custom shapes, allowing them to stand out among conventionally square and circular-shaped stickers. This gives you plenty of opportunities to express your creative side, as you can craft unique shapes and designs. The highly customisable design option means that you can use these on nearly every occasion, mainly as giveaway products for your events.

Another great thing about this sticker is that it shows your customers or guests how you take the time to personalise the gift you are giving them. These types are rather fun to experiment on and play around with. We suggest that you print out a few samples to get a feel for what shape you’d want to use for a particular design.

Perfect for the Outdoors

Perfect for the Outdoors

Do you need decals that can withstand Mother Nature’s tough love? Well, there are a couple of types that would be perfect for the job. Both waterproof and weather-resistant stickers are designed to last for some time in the great outdoors. These are commonly used as labels for containers and packaging that are expected to be exposed to water.

The durability of these versatile items is unmatched. Place them on the outside of trucks and cars, they’ll be there no need to worry about them getting torn off. For simpler use, you can give these out to your customers for them to place on their water bottles. Creating a strong connection with your clients should always be one of your goals.

It’s Shiny!

Its Shiny

Now here’s something that’ll surely catch people’s attention. Stickers that are made from a holographic material are one of, if not the most popular type of sticker. This is the kind that kids go crazy over when they find them in one of those surprise toys. These are great for adding some pzazz to many of your products and packaging.

Using these automatically adds a touch of elegance to various designs. A little-known use of this sticker is for security purposes. Many companies will place a small holographic sticker on employees’ IDs to build an extra layer of protection. You can do the same for your company or simply give them out for the cool factor.

Those are our top three popular sticker types! Each one can be used in almost every occasion and scenario. Of course, there are other kinds of decals out there, so be sure to check them all out. You may find something that can put your business over the top.