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Each sticker material comes with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages, making it essential to carefully compare them before making a decision. The right material choice should be based on your intended use, as it plays a significant role in the sticker’s durability, appearance, and overall performance. To help you make the best choice, we’ve prepared an in-depth comparison of popular sticker materials to guide you in selecting the perfect one for your needs.

Sticker material? This is another in our series of frequently asked questions!

You may be asking yourself, “I’m looking at the top page, but I don’t know which material to choose.”

We will try to summarize the differences between materials so that you can find a solution to such questions in this blog.

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We first divide materials into three major types.

1. Paper material

As the name implies, the paper material of the “Paper” series is a sticker material made of paper.

Since it is paper, it absorbs moisture, which can cause the sticker to peel off or discolor. On the other hand, it has excellent writing ability and is inexpensive, so it is a recommended material if durability and water resistance are not necessary. The least expensive paper sticker is the art paper sticker.

-> “For inexpensive production,” “To write or stamp on the sticker,” or “To make a sticker with a letter or stamp,” please choose paper material.

In such cases, paper sticker is the best choice.

2. Film material

Film materials of “A” are generally water-resistant materials. The smooth surface of the film material does not allow for easy writing, but it is ideal for labels for products that handle water. Commonly used film stickers are Yupo stickers. If you are considering long-term outdoor use, choose outdoor sticker options.

-> “To be used in a wet area” or “Looking for a durable material for long-term use.”

In such cases, please choose a film material.

3. Special material

Special materials are recommended for those who want to create a sticker of a slightly different type. Hologram sticker, which shines in rainbow colors when light reflects off them, is one of the most popular sticker types and can be produced in quantities as low as 50.

-> We can produce hologram sticker that reflects light and shine in rainbow colors in quantities as low as 50 stickers.

In such cases, please choose a special material.

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Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but please compare them and

Please compare them and choose the best material for your customizable stickers according to your usage and budget.

We think it is best for you to check the materials by holding them in your hands,

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What is paper?

As the name of the “Paper” series suggests, paper materials are sticker materials made from paper.

Because it’s paper, it can absorb moisture and cause the sticker to peel or discolor. On the other hand, it’s very writable and inexpensive, so it’s a good choice if you don’t need durability and waterproofing. The cheapest paper stickers are art paper stickers.

What is Film Material?

Film materials are typically waterproof. The smooth surface of film materials makes them difficult to write on easily, but they are ideal for labeling products that handle water. A commonly used film sticker is a diffusion sticker. If you’re considering long-term outdoor use, then choose an outdoor sticker option.

What are specialty materials?

Specialty materials are recommended for those who want to create a slightly different type of sticker. Holographic stickers, which glow a rainbow of colors when light reflects off them, are one of the most popular types of stickers, and can be made from as little as 50 pieces.