Shapes speak a language and mean something on their own. This is why, when designing stickers, choosing the right sticker shape is important to ensure it fits your brand identity.

In this blog, we discuss how shapes influence reactions and feelings in audiences and how you can choose the appropriate sticker shape that can deliver the right impression for your business.

We explore the characteristics and meanings associated with shapes popularly used in sticker printing: circle, oval, square, rectangle, and triangle.

Sticker Shape 01 : Circle

sticker shape

Circle is a timeless shape that symbolizes unity, harmony, and wholeness. Its smooth and continuous curve feature is perfect for representing inclusivity, community, and interconnectedness.

The kinds of businesses that can best take advantage of this shape are restaurants, coffee shops, pastry shops, and the like, where people gather and socialize with each other.

Additionally, gift-giving is one way that we communicate our affection towards the people close to our hearts. And because a circle can evoke a feeling of love and relationship, rounded stickers are best attached to gifts.

Sticker Shape 02 : Oval

oval 1

Oval can represent sturdiness and endurance because its feature combines the softness of curves and the stability of straight lines. Which is why it is the top choice for many automotive businesses with designing their logo.

On top of that, oval-shaped designs can evoke a sense of refinement and beauty, making it a good option for branding health, wellness, and beauty products, especially for brands whose target markets are women.

Sticker Shape 03 : Square

square 1

The symmetrical appearance of the shape square is often associated with stability, order, and reliability. Using square stickers will help you establish an impression of dependability towards your target audience.

If you want to evoke a very professional and serious image, square-shaped stickers are the way to go. You will notice that many news organizations, financial institutions, and even functional clothing brands use square logos.

Sticker Shape 04 : Rectangle

Rectangle 1

Similar to square, rectangular stickers can help evoke a sense of balance, harmony, and logic. This is why it is most preferred by businesses that want to express professionalism and efficiency for their organization. Rectangular logos are often used for brands that use wordmarks for their logo because they can perfectly frame the brand name.

Meanwhile, in labelling, a rectangle is a practical choice because it offers more space to display important information about a product.

Sticker Shape 05 : Triangle

Triangle 1

Triangle is a versatile shape because by simply changing its orientation and angle, you can create a different feel and meaning.

With the shape looking like an arrow pointing upwards, it can express progress and advancement. With that said, triangular-shaped stickers are perfect for conveying a sense of innovation and forward-thinking.

Sharp-edged triangles can represent excitement and adventure, which is perfect for sports brands. Meanwhile, triangles with soft edges can help portray an inviting and accessible image for your brand.

In conclusion, one element that you should not overlook when designing your logo and stickers is their shape. By understanding each of their characteristics and the meaning associated with the different shapes, you can effectively deliver the right message.

Do not forget to consider your message and the emotion you want to evoke in your customers, whether it is unity, stability, dynamism, or elegance. Each shape is unique. Leverage their meanings to amplify the visual appeal and effectiveness of your stickers.

Most importantly, after you have finalized your design, contact StickerMarket to transform your artwork into quality stickers.