Have you heard of Swing Tag?

Choosing a perfume is a highly individualized experience. Those who purchase it carefully select a scent that aligns well with their unique style and personality. Furthermore, collecting and showcasing perfumes in designated areas of the home is a common practice among many individuals.

This is why, apart from the unique blends of scents, the bottle and packaging also play their part in getting buyers’ attention. Every detail matters and must be thoughtfully considered to achieve a consistent design that conveys the right message.

So if you are a perfume business owner seeking to enhance the visual appeal of your products, a customized swing tag is what you need. You can use it to display important information about each of the perfumes you offer, including the scent notes or the inspiration behind the fragrance.

Adding this feature to your packaging will help increase the perceived value of each bottle with custom shapes and designs reflective of your branding, increasing brand recognition.

Continue reading because discussed in this blog are helpful tips for designing a compelling swing tag and how to implement it on the packaging.

Designing your swing tag

Here are tips to keep in mind when designing your swing tag to add sophistication and professionalism to your products.


swing tag

In designing the swing tags, it is crucial to pay close attention to the details. Keep in mind your brand’s style and aesthetic because the tag label should help make your branding recognizable. You can achieve that by being consistent with the use of, for example, colors and fonts to highlight your visual identity.

Use high-quality materials

Use high quality materials

Your choice of material for the swing tag can significantly impact customers’ brand perception. Using thin and plain paper will convey a negative impression of the product and your company. In the same way, investing in thick, sturdy materials with striking features can deliver the premium quality of your perfumes.

Depending on your preferred aesthetics, you can personalize the swing tags to achieve your desired look. You can add special print features like foil stamps and embossed effects to highlight your logo or brand name.

Design elements

Design elements

There are several design elements to consider when planning your swing tag design. That includes the color scheme and the typography; one should complement the other for a cohesive result.

Colors are a powerful element in your design because they evoke a specific mood, image, and overall message to buyers. Hence, carefully choose the right color to attract your target buyers.

If you are selling scents for women, you can consider a soft pastel color palette like rose pink, lavender, or pale peach. Meanwhile, for men’s products, a vibrant color scheme like red, blue, or deep purple is ideal for a dynamic and energetic feel to the design.

On the other hand, your choice of font style is crucial to ensure it accurately reflects the qualities of the fragrance itself. If your products lean more on trendy and youthful scents, a bold and modern sans serif font is for you. But for luxury fragrances, serif fonts are best suited to deliver the elegant and refined quality of the products.

Some other design elements to take into account are images, lines, and texture. Learn more about the elements of designs.

Size and shape

Size and shape

The swing tag should help enhance the look of the product without it overpowering the perfume itself by being too big. Contrarily, it should not be too small that it would go unnoticed and the texts unreadable. Take into consideration the size of the perfume bottle and assess how long and wide it should be to complement perfectly with the overall packaging.

Just like color, shapes can also create a visual expectation on shoppers. Swing tags with sharp edges like square or rectangle are ideal for men’s products, while round and soft-edge shapes like circle or oval would best suit for lady’s perfumes.

Swing tag placement

tag placement 1

Just as color, shapes, and size are important, where you attach the tag label is also important. When shopping for virtually any item, buyers typically check the price, ingredients (if edible products), or size (if clothes or shoes). It can be frustrating for them to have to fumble around to find the tag label. In many cases, when they do not see it immediately, they move on to another item.

Placing the label where shoppers can see it as soon as they scan the shelves is important. It would entice them to pick the perfume on display to closely read the information on the swing tag. Over and above that, use a sturdy tag string to keep the label in place so it does not easily detach from the packaging.

If you want to boost the visual appeal of your perfume products, including custom-printed swing tags is a great way to achieve that. Every detail matters in packaging design to entice shoppers to get their hands on your items and bring them home.

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