Interested in promoting your sewing business with Custom Sticker?

There are many ways to go about promoting your sewing business to gain more customers. For one, social media is a great avenue to advertise your services, be it alteration, custom clothing, or upcycling clothes. Especially if you are targeting millennials and gen z, then going online is definitely the best way to reach them.

To supplement your marketing efforts, it is also a good idea to invest in tangible promotional tools, like stickers, to generate wider exposure for your brand.

Continue reading to learn surprising ways adding stickers to your packaging can help you get your name out there. You will also learn tips on designing your custom sticker to ensure it delivers the right impression for your branding.

Why use custom sticker

Why use custom stickers

Buying personalized packaging supplies that feature your company logo and brand colors can be expensive. This is especially true when you are just starting your business and have not established a solid brand identity.


While still testing the water, you can instead print your logo into custom stickers. You can order them in small batches, so it won’t hurt your budget big time. And when you decide to tweak your logo design, you won’t have to deal with a surplus of your old design.


Additionally, custom stickers are versatile and can stick to any type of packaging material. You can attach one to a paper bag, carton box, wrap tissue paper, or whichever your choice of packaging is. This way, you can ensure your branding won’t go unnoticed once your client receives their order.


Apart from being cost-effective, custom stickers are also customizable. Depending on your needs, you can order them in any size, shape, and color.

Apart from stickers, you can also include a hang tag to display essential information like care instructions.

How to design a custom sticker for your sewing business

How to design a sticker for your sewing business

Effective designs can add value to your business, especially in conveying your brand personality and values. This ensures clients and potential ones can identify your business accurately when they see your branded stickers.

Whether you are using your logo design or photos and illustrations, remember these three Cs: clear, creative, and cohesive.


Your designs should reflect who you are as a brand for potential customers to identify the nature of your business and the services you offer. Incorporate illustrations and images so you can emphasize you are offering sewing services. That can range from needles, threats, sewing machines, and tape measures.


You can achieve memorable and instantly recognizable branding by creating a unique logo, catchy slogans or taglines, and a distinctive visual style. Your choice of color and font style for your design play a part in building meaningful and appealing branding.


Being consistent with the use of colors, shapes, and font styles in your sticker and other promotional tools can help establish a professional image for your business. In return, customers will see you as reliable and trustworthy to deliver quality results.

It is best to work with a professional graphic designer to assist you with the design process and ensure you are using the right color, font, and other design elements for your purpose – which is to attract customers and drive growth.

Sticker material options

Sticker material options

Various printing companies provide stickers made from paper and vinyl materials. Each material has unique features that can help your design stand out.

For example, using art paper stickers with a matte finish can give off a modern feel to your branding. Meanwhile, kraft paper stickers have a light brown appearance, and using this can create a sense of authenticity and reliability.

Paper stickers are a practical choice to use for your sewing business since the items are less likely to be exposed to water and similar elements that may damage the sticker.

However, if you want a material that can withstand wear and tear, then vinyl-based stickers are the ideal option. Apart from having a waterproof feature, they come in different types, like transparent, gold, and silver vinyl stickers.

By using either of these options, you can enhance the visual appeal of your packaging and ensure that your logo is prominently displayed on every order you deliver to clients.

There are several ways you can leverage the effectiveness of stickers to get your name out there and reach your target customers. It’s a helpful marketing tool that can improve your branding and attract potential customers.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your customer base, StickerMarket can give you the boost you need to promote your business.