Have you heard of Vinyl Lettering Decals?

As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. However, that might not apply well in the business world. To attract customers to your shop, you need to have an inviting exterior design as it’s the first thing that they see. And then, sustain the impression inside your shop with an enticing and interactive interior layout.

This is an important aspect of giving customers the ultimate in-store experience to make them want to stay longer, make a purchase, and come back.

Additionally, there is no better way of building good relationships than communicating with customers. You can do that either through a face-to-face interaction or by displaying your message in prominent areas around your shop.

Make the most out of your shopfront glass windows, walls, and even floor by displaying aesthetic yet functional decorations. This is where vinyl lettering decals come in handy.

Custom vinyl lettering decals are a versatile and affordable way to improve the overall visual appeal of any establishment. With that, here are tips and ideas you can follow to help you get started with enhancing your shop.

Create an eye-catching shopfront

The glass windows of your shop are among the perfect spots to advertise your business because of their favourable placement directly visible to potential customers. With a compelling window decoration, you can make passersby go out of their way and enter your shop. Or remember your business so they can visit some other time.

So what details should you display to make your shopfront window stand out using durable letterings?

Business Name

Lettering Decals

First and foremost, your business name must be spelled out in big, bright, and bold letters so it’s legible from a distance. From that, you can build curiosity from those who notice it a few meters away.

Sometimes, customers will not be able to distinguish the nature of your business from the get-go by just reading your business name. Provide supporting information describing your business type, like indicating pastry shop, flower boutique, hair salon, etc., in a smaller font size above or below the name.

Store hours & contact information

Store hours contact information

Guide customers to your opening and closing hours so they can plan their visit. Additionally, give them access to your contact number, website, and social media pages to learn more about your products and services. Or they can easily reach you if they have an inquiry.

These days, customers are likely to research a business and check out for reviews, so it is important to have a positive online presence as well.

Put quotes on the wall

Put quotes on the wall

Inspirational and motivational words are a great way to add warm and pleasant vibes to your shop. If not, you can post funny and witty statements instead. This will help make customers feel more at ease to be in.

Vinyl lettering decals are very easy to apply because they come pre-cut and pre-spaced. There are two ways to set them up on your wall.

How to attach when the auxiliary sheet is enclosed

1. Peel the sticker off the backing paper, making sure the design sticks to the clear transfer tape.

2. Apply the auxiliary sheet over the sticker and backing sheet.

3. Remove the sticker mount.

4. Place the sticker in the desired location and firmly press it with a card or similar object.

5. Slowly remove the auxiliary sheet.

6. Your sticker is now ready to go!

How to attach when the auxiliary sheet is not enclosed

1. Clean the area where the sticker will be applied using diluted neutral detergent.

2. Peel the sticker off the mount.

3. Carefully place the sticker in the desired position.

4. Smoothen out the sticker using a card to remove air bubbles and excess water.

5. Peel off the extra part of the sticker.

6. Enjoy your new sticker!

More words on the floor

Any smooth surface around your shop is a good spot for lettering decals – the floor is not an exemption. To add life to plain flooring, you can use it to warmly greet customers by posting words like “Welcome” or “Come in” near the entrance. That way, it is more noticeable and can definitely bring a smile to their faces as they enter.

All in all, your store decorations must help convey your brand identity and values. Plus, they should be functional to make customers remember and recognize your brand, and improve customers’ experience by giving them a means of getting in touch or simply lifting their mood.

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