Elevate Your Perfume Product Packaging With Swing Tags

Designing your swing tag

Consistency: For example, achieve being consistent with the use of colors and fonts to highlight your visual identity.

Use high-quality materials: Personalize the swing tags to achieve your desired look depending on your preference. You can add special print features like foil stamps and embossed effects.

Design elements: There are several design elements to consider when planning your swing tag design. That includes the color scheme and the typography.

Size and shape: Shapes create a visual expectation on shoppers. Sharp edges like square or rectangle are ideal for men’s products, while round and soft-edge shapes like circle or oval would best suit for lady’s perfumes.

Swing tag placement: Placing the label where shoppers can see it as soon as they scan the shelves is important. It would entice them to pick the perfume on display to closely read the information on the swing tag.