Read on to learn how you can use custom packaging stickers to make your customers love and remember your brand.

The personalised gifting market offers consumers the opportunity to make sending gifts to their loved ones more meaningful with custom-made items. They can request to add the name or picture of the person for whom they are buying the item. Or add a personal touch to the product with heartfelt messages and more.

So to say, this kind of business is evergreen. Someone is always celebrating something, and people will always need assistance buying gifts for any occasion.

And as this kind of business becomes more popular, the competition can be fierce. You can wiggle your way in and get your name out there by having recognisable branding using stickers.

How to effectively use custom packaging stickers in wrapping gift items

When people receive a parcel, the very first thing they see is the packaging stickers. This is why it is important that your logo is instantly noticed for easy recognition. However, since customers often buy from you to give items as gifts, they may prefer the option to have their purchases wrapped in pretty boxes or wrapping paper to make them more personalised.

Here are practical ways you can do to let your branding (subtly) shine using custom printed stickers.

Have a custom gift box using logo stickers

packaging stickers

Die-cut logo stickers are cost-effective ways to highlight your brand at the onset. When the person receiving the gift unboxes the package, your logo is definitely one of the first things they will notice.

You need to use excellent material to leave a good impression. And art paper stickers would do the job because they are available in different finishes to achieve your desired look.

For a vibrant, shiny look for the logo, a glossy finish is a good choice. And if you want a subtle and natural look, then a matte lamination would be perfect. An uncoated finish with a semi-glossy appearance is also available, but this won’t be a good material for a logo because of its writable surface.

Seal the wrapping paper using a custom sticker

Seal the wrapping paper using a custom sticker

Keep the items inside the box in place using wrapping or tissue paper, and seal it close using a sticker. In your line of business, it is handy to have sets of designs for every event.

Prepare seasonal branded stickers with typical greetings like Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Merry Christmas, and Thank You. You can get them in a sheet or rolled supply for easy organisation and dispensing.

Include extra stickers as well

Include extra stickers as well

To avoid making the package appear too promotional, it’s a good idea to include additional stickers that are relevant to the occasion. For example, if a customer has ordered a gift for their friend’s birthday, it would be nice to add some non-branded stickers such as cakes, candles, and balloons.

They can apply these stickers to their phones, laptops, mugs, and other personal items. This way, you can add more personalisation to the gift order.

To have durable and versatile products, vinyl stickers are the way to go. These are printed on waterproof material and can adhere to a variety of surfaces. This means that they will last a long time and help your brand stay top of mind for customers.

Maintain a consistent colour scheme

Maintain a consistent colour scheme

Consistency in colour use is also crucial to make a strong visual association between your product and brand. For instance, if you used pink in your logo, be sure to add this colour to your custom and packaging stickers. The next time they see something pink, they will then get reminded of your brand.

Additional tip: Use bright and bold colours to evoke excitement as customers open the gift box.

In conclusion, it takes a bit of creativity to be able to give your customers what they expect and, at the same time, promote your business through the packaging stickers, so recipients can learn about your brand. And most importantly, to make your personalised gifting business succeed.

By incorporating custom stickers into your packaging stickers, you can create a lasting impression on your customers and help them remember your brand. With the right design and placement, they become essential to your branding efforts.

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