Have you ever heard of custom cards?

Loyalty programs are a great marketing strategy that you can practice to increase customer engagement and boost sales because it encourages customers to purchase often. That is because customers like it when they feel they are getting more for their money.

This kind of program is most common among coffee shops. Take Starbucks, for example. Their loyalty program encourages customers to visit any of their stores or order online through their mobile application to earn more points. And receive the items they want to collect after accumulating enough points.

Established brands employ sophisticated ways of tracking points through their own application or online system. But loyalty programs don’t have to be that expensive. You can do the same with the clever use of stock custom cards, stickers, and stamps.

Continue reading to discover how you can get customers lining up in your shop with custom cards and stickers.

How to create a simple loyalty program

custom cards

Choose a reward system

To get started with your loyalty program, you need to decide on a reward system. Whether by giving points, tier system, or a cashback approach. The purpose of creating a loyalty program is to increase your sales and engage customers.

For it to be successful, your offers should be valuable and resonate with your customers’ needs and interests. Most likely, customers are happy with getting a free drink or merchandise.

Make it easy for customers to sign up

They are more likely to participate when the signing-up process only requires a few minutes to complete.

Promote your program

Make sure your customers know about the program and how they can participate through in-store signage and social media.

Why use loyalty custom cards stamps for your program

Why use custom loyalty card stamps for your program

Using loyalty custom cards stamps is a popular approach that smaller businesses can adopt because it’s more cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Every time a customer makes a purchase, their custom card gets stamped, and as they accumulate a certain number of stamps, they redeem the promised reward instantly, such as a free product or service.

Tracking their respective progress in the loyalty program is convenient because all the information is readily available on their custom cards. Additionally, when customers have a physical custom cards they can easily carry, they are more likely to remember your program and use it.

How to design your loyalty custom cards stamp

loyalty card stamp

Be consistent with your branding

Just like a business card, the loyalty custom cards can serve as a marketing tool to promote your business. When designing your custom cards, use the same colour scheme and typography you used in your other marketing materials.

Add your logo and business name, contact information, website, and social media handle so customers know how to reach you if they have inquiries regarding the program or your products.

Include a simple instruction

Provide your customers with simple instructions on how to use the loyalty custom cards and explain the mechanics clearly for your customers to easily follow. This will ensure they have a positive experience and are more likely to participate and become loyal customers.

Make the stamping area large enough

When arranging the stamping area in a loyalty card, make sure it’s large enough to be visible and compliments the overall design. The best location to place the stamping area is at the centre of the card because it is easy to find and provides visual balance. You can place the other information around it.

Use quality custom cards material

Most importantly, use thick, durable card material for your loyalty card. This ensures it withstands frequent handling and does not wear and tear easily. Additionally, the chosen material should be compatible with stamp ink to avoid any smudging or fading issues.

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