Did you know that the Candle Label is just as important as the candle itself?

Candle-making remains a profitable business to this day. From being the source of lighting during the night back in the day, it has evolved into something people use for aesthetic purposes and lulling effect.

So if you are a candle business owner, it can be challenging to get people to notice your products with generic labels. People want visually pleasing candles to display in their living room or kitchen as adornments.

Apart from the wax product itself, the packaging and candle label can definitely affect the chances of the item being picked up from the shelf.

When it comes to labelling candles, it is important to consider the type of material to use since the label is likely to get exposed to heat. The temperature can affect the strength of the adhesives, and possibly the appearance of the label design after some time.

Now that can sound overwhelming but do not fret. Continue reading to learn what are the possible stickers best for candle label and decide on the material fit to your product branding.

Candle Label of Paper Based Stickers

Candle Label

Papers make a great label material for candles as they can withstand high temperatures. Paper stickers come in different types, and each can give off a specific feel to the product. They come in strong adhesives and are tested to stick well on different types of containers.

For instance, kraft paper stickers have a natural brown colour which can give your candles a natural and rustic look – perfect especially for handmade ones. Additionally, a brown sticker label is a good option if you are an eco-friendly brand since the material is produced more sustainably compared to other kinds of paper.

Meanwhile, classic paper stickers have a textured surface and an off-white appearance. This is best used if you want to go for a simple yet elegant label design. You can get this writable sticker material in any shape and size you need to ensure they complement the candle jar and complete the overall aesthetics.

Another alternative for your candle label would be an art paper sticker. This is best to use if you intend to have a colourful label design because the material allows for a more accurate colour representation on the printed output.

Different finishing options are available for art paper labels so you can achieve the look you want – whether glossy, matte-laminated, or uncoated.

Candle Label of Vinyl Based Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

Some people like to place candles in the bathroom and kitchen. For that purpose, it is best to have a waterproof label so it doesn’t fade and tear when exposed to moisture.

To achieve a long-lasting and appealing candle label, it is best to print your custom label in waterproof vinyl stickers. Standard vinyl material is thin and will perfectly stick on curved surfaces. 

Additionally, in labelling candle products, there are fire safety details that must be included to prevent accidents. That is why it is important that aside from making sure your label is attractive, it is also durable and prints remain clear under certain temperature conditions.

Some other material you can consider for your candle business is transparent stickers. This is made as well of quality vinyl, so you can expect it to stick well in high heat and information prints legibly.

Using custom printed transparent stickers can give your candle a special touch by making the label appear integrated into the container. This gives you a minimalist design, which many candle enthusiasts prefer because it fits any home interior.

In conclusion, there are several ways you can promote your candle business, and one guaranteed means is to create an interest in the label. Apart from your brand name and logo, you can highlight the unique selling point of your product. That includes the scent, burn time, and a unique component of the candle.

Most importantly, you need to select the appropriate label material that reflects your branding and can withstand the heat for longer periods.

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