Teaching is noble work. Guiding the new generation takes a lot of work and effort, especially if you are working with children. Being able to manage the classroom is crucial to helping each child learn effectively. However, it can be difficult for a single teacher to do it alone. You will need various strategies and tools to keep a tight-running ship.

Creating a productive and vibrant learning environment is a step towards the right direction. To achieve this, you can use tools like stickers. These allow you to express your creativity and show kids that you aren’t above having fun. Having these at your disposal creates plenty of opportunities for you to do fun and engaging activities as well.

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over how you can use various stickers in your classrooms. Let’s explore each one and see how effective they can be.

Reward System

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This is one of the most common uses for stickers in the classroom. Create a chart or board where students are able to see how they can earn a sticker. You can give out rewards for good behaviour, completing their homework, participating in class, or other specific goals. Doing this will help motivate your students to keep working hard and give them something to work towards.

Of course, the reward needs to be worth it for the students to motivate the students. We recommend that you have different designs for each achievement, similar to badges earned in the scouts. Unique designs can incentivise you to do everything on the chart and collect them all. Because it is rather cheap to produce, you can easily do this without having to worry about the cost.

Personalised Sticker Charts

alphabet stickers

As we’ve mentioned before, creating a custom tracking chart allows you to implement stickers in your classrooms. You can make it even more engaging by allowing the students to decorate and personalise their own sections on the chart. Provide them all with blank charts and let them go wild with it. Prepare a batch of different designs that represent what they like.

Adding personal touches can make the whole thing much more enjoyable and show the students that you care about their individuality. It also gives students a sense of ownership and responsibility, as they will be the ones in charge of improving their charts and making them look good.

Seasonal Themed Decorations

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Celebrating the holidays and seasons is one way for you to keep children happy and excited. You can decorate your classroom using holiday-themed decorations. These can add a festive element to your classes. Having bright and happy things around them can motivate the kids throughout the entire year.

We recommend planning out the designs you are using beforehand. A lot of things can happen throughout the year, so you’ll need to be prepared in case any changes happen. This way, you can also adapt your tactics when something out of your plans happens. With this, you can limit the mistakes you make while trying to manage your classroom.

Those are the 3 ways we suggest you stickers in the classroom. Cleverly making use of these tools can boost morale in the classrooms and help you build rapport with your students. Having a positive connection with kids is crucial if you wish to manage your class and help them learn everything they can during each lesson.