Do you know how to use kraft paper sticker?

Selling handmade products has become a profitable business trend in the UK, with many people turning their hobbies into full-time businesses. This growing movement ranges from selling handmade jewellery, soap, candles, home decor pieces, clothing, accessories, and more.

That being so, their choice of branding tool is integral for business owners to market their products and successfully attract target buyers.

This is where kraft paper stickers can come in handy. Because of the materials’ natural brown appearance, it becomes the top-choice labelling option for handcrafted items.

If you are a small business owner seeking the best way to brand your handmade products or planning to start your own business, this blog is for you. Continue reading to discover why kraft paper sticker is the way to go and how to implement them in your branding.

Why use kraft paper stickers?

Brown kraft paper is an excellent material to use for branding your handmade products for several reasons, and that includes:


It is relatively inexpensive to order in bulk if compared to other options, allowing you to remain on brand. Placing your logo or business name on every product is crucial to generate brand awareness.


It is durable and can withstand wear and tear, which is why it’s a good choice for products that are intended to be handled frequently. Or to ensure the sticker adheres well and won’t fall off during shipping.


It can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. At StickerMarket, you can design your stickers in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes to make them unique to your business.

Visually appealing

It has a distinct texture adding a tactile and rough visual appeal to your design. The natural feel can convey a sense of craftsmanship and authenticity, which is perfect for amplifying your brand identity and impressing customers to make a lasting impression.

How to use kraft paper stickers to brand your handmade products

As a printing company, we recommend these practical ways of using your custom kraft paper stickers on your products, as widely practiced by our customers.

Logo sticker

Paper Sticker

You can print your logo into stickers and apply it to your product or packaging as a simple and cost-effective way of marking them. You can as well attach one to the mailing box or bag when shipping parcels for easy recognition.

Thank-You Sticker

Thank You Sticker 1

Expressing your gratitude will go a long way in increasing customer satisfaction. Send a heartfelt message of thanks by using Thank-You stickers to seal the wrapping paper, so it’s the first thing customers will notice upon opening the box packaging.

Product label

Product label 1

Display essential information about your product using custom brown kraft labels, such as ingredients, care tips, and storage instructions. This is especially helpful for handmade soaps, cosmetic products, candles, foods, and drinks.

However, if you are selling clothing and accessories, artisan home decor pieces, or jewellery items, you can use Vintage Kraft swing tags instead of stickers. A swing tag serves the same function as a label but is attached to the product using a string rather than directly adhered to the product’s surface.

Additional tips:

  • Use high-quality kraft paper stickers to look more professional and help them to last longer.
  • Include your logo and contact information on all your products to make it easy for customers to reach you if they have any questions or want to order more.
  • Keep your branding consistent by using the same logo, colours, and branding elements across all your products and marketing materials. This will help to create a strong brand identity that customers will remember.

In summary, kraft paper stickers are a great way to brand handmade products. They are affordable, durable, and can be customized to fit your branding needs. Use the tips in this blog post to help you make the most out of kraft paper stickers and create a memorable brand identity for your handmade products.