Today’s blog will focus on one of the marketing strategies you can use: Stickers campaign. Learn how you can help raise awareness with these simple items.

Despite being in the technologically advanced year of 2023, there are still many things that people carry a stigma on. One of these is mental health. Although there have been numerous advances in the field, individuals still face the stigma of having a mental health condition. Because of this, reaching out and receiving help often becomes neglected.

To remove the stigma that seems to be attached to mental health, it is important to raise awareness and spread the right information. There are many different movements and campaigns that do this. If you are considering doing your own mental health awareness campaign, you should use a combination of different approaches and materials to help you succeed.

Reaching More People Using Stickers


The main draw of using stickers to spread awareness is the amount of people you’ll be able to reach. Depending on how you use them, you can expose your message and designs to more people than you would using a digital approach. Be sure to add things like your social media handles so that people will be able to connect with you.

Engagement is the key to what helps you spread the word about mental health to others. With all the people you reached out to, you may also want to build a community. You can use a chat app like Discord to connect people and help them create a conversation. Your designs can become what breaks the ice.

Start a Conversation

Start a Conversation

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a sticker is a great conversation starter. You can use it to talk about yourself or simply listen to the person who spoke to you. When someone sees a cool sticker, they’ll immediately be drawn to it. The topic of mental health can be difficult to bring up and share with others.

The stickers you’ve designed and printed can help cut down the awkwardness and allow people to connect with each other. When someone sees a peer with your message on their person, the fear of getting judged will lessen. This organic approach to starting conversations can help others share their experiences and offer support to those who need it.

Promoting Mental Health Resources and Self-Care

Promoting Mental Health Resources and Self Care

On your stickers, you can include encouragement and self-care reminders instead of an elaborate design. These can provide people with gentle reminders during difficult times. Including resources is important as well. Sometimes, people don’t know where to go to get help and guidance. Putting in resources will help set them on the path towards healing.

During difficult times, having something or someone to provide you with reassurance is always important. Be sure to include custom QR codes so that you can lead people to simple support groups on Discord or other messenger apps.

A creative approach to advocacy and raising awareness is essential for creating an impact in the community. Printed materials like stickers are a powerful tool to help people be more aware of emotional issues and the overall well-being of others. Become advocates of destigmatizing mental health and help others find the comfort and support they need.

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