These days, everything seems to have gone digital. From paying your bills to even ordering food, you can simply do things without having to handle anything tangible. Of course, the same goes for events and concerts. By using ticket apps and websites, you don’t need to stand in the cold for 12 hours just to get a chance at getting a ticket or a product that has just been released.

However, just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it’s better. Being in line, for example, will guarantee that you’ll get a ticket (As long as you’re prepared to camp out of course). So you’ve got an event planned up, it might be good to do a bit of both digital and physical distribution of passes. 

In addition to this, the blog today will talk about how you can use special stickers to create an event experience goers won’t soon forget.

Let’s jump into it.

Enhance the Event Experience with Special Stickers

Great for Souvenirs

Special Stickers - Great for Souvenirs

Events often hold a special place in people’s hearts. It’s a day where a break from the mundane happens. Occasions like concerts or parties are something that many want to remember. This is where stickers can come in. You can commemorate the event by handing out free stickers to become souvenirs. You can design the souvenirs with the event’s logo and date.

These excellent souvenirs can also benefit you. If the goers stick their souvenirs on their laptops, water bottles, and other personal belongings, then it’s a free advertisement for you and your planning company. The goers will also be able to share their experiences with others should they come across someone with the very same special sticker.

Social Media Exposure

Special Stickers - Social Media Exposure

These days, you need to post what you did on your socials or might as well consider that it didn’t happen at all. Stickers are physical proof that they’ve gone to the event and shared it on social media. This is great for people who don’t feel like constantly taking photos and just want to have fun.

Aside from being proof of attending the occasion, these can be used to help grow your platform as well. Content generated by users can attract a lot of attention and may bring extra people over to you. More people coming can’t hurt. Larger exposure also means that the next time you’ve got something planned, people will be quicker to notice.

Create Organic Engagement and Interaction

Special Stickers - Create Organic Engagement and Interaction

A sticker is a fantastic icebreaker, helping goers find people to have fun and talk to. Half the fun of going to these events is the people that you meet. The fun atmosphere and interesting designs will give you a lot of things to talk about. To push this even further, you can even give out a different variety of stickers.

This will encourage people to start trading and look for the kind that they like. Creating a sense of camaraderie and forming connections means that they’ll have new people to look forward to seeing every time your event comes around.

Although they might seem like small trinkets, using special stickers can take you a long way. You can build loyalty and an audience based on the strength of designs alone. Creating something worthy to be remembered means that people will keep coming over to celebrate with you, their friends, and the staff.

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