When you are looking for a product to purchase, 90% of buyers will notice the colour first. and more. Each colour invokes different feelings in people. Knowing how to use different colours will elevate your business and help you gain the attention of more people. You will be using these concepts in every aspect of your company’s lifetime. You’ll need to apply if you want to learn to design your logo, website, business cards, stickers, and other marketing materials.

The impact of colour on the human mind cannot be understated. Choosing the wrong colour can damage your business in unforeseen ways. You should always consult your designers before making the leap. If you’re just starting out and haven’t got a clue where to start, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we will be talking about how you can use colours for your marketing and design strategies. 

Let’s jump into it.

The Effects of Each Colour

Colours influence buyers and non-buyers alike. Each is associated with a certain feeling that you should make use of. Here are a few examples:


  • Associated with:
  • Tranquillity
  • Responsibility
  • Peace
  • Relaxation
How to Use Colours to Grow Your Company and Business Ventures - 2023 6


Associated with:

  • Wealth
  • Intrigue
  • Luxury
  • Royalty
How to Use Colours to Grow Your Company and Business Ventures - 2023 7


Associated with:

  • High energy
  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Warmth
How to Use Colours to Grow Your Company and Business Ventures - 2023 8


Associated with:

  • Cheerfulness
  • Playfulness
  • Happiness
  • Youth
How to Use Colours to Grow Your Company and Business Ventures - 2023 9

Communicating with Your Consumer Base

Knowing that colours can be used for marketing and advertising methods is one thing but the real challenge is applying it. The way people are influenced by colours can be a complex thing. You must be able to know how a certain hue can influence a person’s buying habits and how they think about the product.

For example, it isn’t wise to package fruits and vegetables in brown packaging as it makes people think of overripe and rotting food. Each colour is associated with a certain product. You will need to meet the consumer’s expectations to succeed. It is important to note that, depending on what culture the person is from, colour can mean different things. So it’s important to take note of that as well if you intend to go international.

Testing the Colours You’ve Chosen

Although using colours can help you make the right ideas, you still need to see the field. Testing is the best way you’ll know if you made the right decision or not. You can run several test runs with different colours you’ll be using. Once the test samples are made, gather a group of people to gauge their reactions. After testing is done, you can start gathering the data and making comparisons.

Based on the results, you’ll want to choose the one with the best results. You can even make it fun for yourself and your employees by making brackets. Keep things under wraps and make the experience as fun as possible for your employees. After everything is done, you can confidently apply the colour of your choosing to your various brand designs and products.

Using colours strategically will give you an edge against the rest of your competitors. Once you’ve started building your brand, you’ll need to think of other things as well. Learning how to use colours effectively is just one of the many methods you’ll need to succeed.

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