Snail mail can be a bit tedious. But, if you want to send handwritten letters and invitations, it’s something that you’ll need to manage. To make the process easier for yourself, you may want to make use of address labels. These can cut down the time you need to write down the address on the envelope or package that you are sending out. 

Personalising your mail with these stickers can give it a certain flair. You can also think of these as your signature. The benefit of using these labels isn’t limited to making it easier for you to mail things. It also helps people remember you and your business. A distinct design will stick in people’s minds for a long time.

In today’s blog, we’ll show you how you can use customised stickers to enhance both your mail and packages. 

Let’s get into it.

Tip3 Customising Address Labels

Company Branding

Address Labels - Company Branding

If you have an online shop or simply selling something, including address labels can help get your name out there. Customers typically inspect the packaging that comes with their products. With a cleverly placed sticker, each client will have the opportunity to get to know you. You can even add small additions like QR codes to direct people to your social media pages.

Aside from QR codes, you can also let your customers know how they can reach you with these stickers. There is no better way to brand yourself than to stick your logo all over the packaging. You can use various designs as well to keep your clients on their toes. Each sticker should be remembered by the people who see them.

Keep it Simple and Short

Address Labels - Keep it Simple and Short

On your labels, make sure you keep the text included simple and short. Address stickers have to be a certain size, so you don’t want to make them too big. Putting too much information can make your mailing label look cluttered. You should design concepts with this rule in mind and think about what information you want to highlight.

If you are using these for your business, you’ll want to create a personal image. This means that you should also include the essentials like your name, position, and address. If you are using this for your family and loved ones, they can have more leeway with the designs and text you’re choosing.

Select and Use a Theme

Address Labels - Select and Use a Theme

Not good at designing things? Using a theme can help you come up with and streamline the ideas you have. The theme you’ve created can define your brand. Having a template will make it easier for you to design things in the future. You can try different flavours of themes to create excitement around your products and future releases.

You can even coordinate the mailing stickers design with the packaging to create a customised look. If you’re only sending mail to your friends and loved ones, you can design the labels around seasonal holidays. Personalise each of the letters you write to show the holiday spirit.

There are plenty of other ways that you can make use of and personalise address labels. Making use of these tips will help you impress your pen pals and grow your business at the same time. Don’t hesitate to have some fun and use all of your imagination to create a label that people haven’t seen anywhere else.

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