A challenge that many companies and small businesses face is creating a label for the product that they’ve made. Before the product is launched, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy around the perfect product label

Having a well-designed label not only attracts the attention of potential clients and investors but also creates a brand identity for your product. 

With smart design choices, your products will easily be noticeable amongst a shopping shelf of competitors. As shopping is mostly a visual experience, a unique label design can do wonders for your sales and promotion.

In today’s blog, we will provide you with tips that can help your Product Label Design a label for your product. Here’s what we suggest.

Market Audience Research for Product Label

Product Label

Before you begin the design process, you will need to gain information about the people you’re selling the product to.

Age, values, gender, background, education, etc. will all be significant pieces of information for your marketing campaign. Depending on the data you get, you can design your label on what is popular and what’s not.

Aside from doing target market research, you will need to research the products that you are competing with. Doing this will allow you to avoid designing your label too closely to a competitor’s product. It will also give you an insight into what designs appeal to your demographic and target audience.

Build the Hierarchy of Information

Build the Hierarchy of Information

After doing your market research, it’s time to decide what information to put on your labels. Don’t just focus on creating a label with an eye-catching design, your label will also need to provide information at a glance.

Aside from the product’s name and slogan, you will need to add other important information. If you are dealing with food products, nutritional information, and ingredients are vital. This will ensure that people with allergies or dietary restrictions know what is in your product

For products such as detergent and shampoo, the label can include instructions and warnings. You will need to do this to avoid any accidents from occurring.

White Space Usage

White Space Usage

During the design process, make sure to keep things simple. A cluttered design can create an unpleasant viewing experience for your clients. Here is how you can make use of the white space on your label.

The white space is used to separate the bits of information on the label. This makes it easier for the customers to read the information you’ve put out.

Using white spaces properly gives your label a simple and minimalist look. Many people are attracted to a label that has a clear and simple design. The message you wish to send out will also become much clearer.

So, when designing your sticker label, be sure to add ample white space and utilise it properly.

Choose Your Colours

Choose Your Colours

Choosing the colours of your label is crucial depending on what industry you’re in. If you wish to gain some insight into what colours you want to use, you should take a look at the products your competitors have.

It is important to note that the different colours can evoke certain emotions in the people who see them. For example, the colour red triggers feelings of hunger while green and brown represent healthy, organic, and environmentally friendly products. 

You can use colour psychology when designing the custom sticker label you’re using for each product you have.

Think About the Typography

Think About the Typography

As customers will be reading your label, having the right typography is essential to your product. Creating a visual difference between the information you have will make it easier for customers to read through. 

The objective of this is to make the label design more impactful. You can use this method to emphasise certain information such as warnings.

Be sure to implement this tip when you are printing custom stickers for your product label.

That’s it for the tips! While you are making your product label, make sure to experiment with different options. There are many kinds of stickers you can use for your labels as well. A transparent sticker can fit well with certain products.

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