As a business owner, it is important that you constantly seek innovative ways to make a lasting impression on customers. You can capture their attention by investing in creative packaging to enclose their orders.

Customers are likely to re-order or recommend your business to their family and friends if they are satisfied with the whole buying experience, from a smooth ordering process to friendly customer service and satisfying unboxing.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to achieve recognizable packaging, getting custom stickers is the way to go.

In this blog, we discuss the best ways to utilize stickers to boost brand recognition and encourage customer engagement.

Before we get into the actual tips, let us shortly delve into the importance of having good packaging.

Why enhance your product packaging

When your customers receive their order, the first thing they get their hands on is the packaging and not the actual product they have purchased. This is why the packaging makes a powerful marketing tool to reinforce your brand identity.

While it is a great idea to get customized packaging materials like branded boxes, mailing bags, and wrapping papers, it’s not really budget-friendly. A more practical choice is definitely a sticker.

Ordering custom-printed stickers would not hurt your expenses since you can order in minimum amounts. You can experiment with different kinds of sticker materials (paper or vinyl) and designs to see which would produce a better outcome.

How to utilize stickers in your packaging

1. Enhance brand identity

Packaging with Stickers
4 Clever Ways to Enhance Product Packaging with Stickers 6

One way you can make sure that your customers remember your brand is by displaying logo stickers on prominent areas of the packaging. Stickers are versatile and can stick to many types of materials. Whether you are using cardboard boxes or mailing bags, you can easily apply your stickers to them.

This method is also great for adding a touch of professionalism to your branding and will likely impress your customers. With delicate attention to detail, your customers can see you take your business seriously.

2. Promote product information

Promote product information
4 Clever Ways to Enhance Product Packaging with Stickers 7

Aside from your logo, it is also a great idea to use stickers to promote your products. Use stickers to communicate to customers essential information, such as product details, instructions for use, or care tips.

You can also use stickers to encourage customers to learn more about your brand values and offerings. Display a QR code that would direct them either to your website or social media pages.

3. Offer discount coupon

Offer discount coupon
4 Clever Ways to Enhance Product Packaging with Stickers 8

Improve your customer’s unboxing experience by adding a surprise discount coupon sticker to their orders. This is a great way to encourage repeat buying as they likely won’t miss out on the chance to save on their purchase.

This is also a great method to motivate customers to visit your website again and see what products are up for grabs at a lesser price, driving traffic to your website.

4. Encourage social media posting

Encourage social media posting
4 Clever Ways to Enhance Product Packaging with Stickers 9

Social media is the best avenue to reach a broader audience in real-time, enhancing your brand awareness. You can get your customers to engage with you online by encouraging them to share their unboxing experience or post the item and tag you in their social media posts.

User-generated contents are effective for building a sense of authenticity for your brand since people are more likely to trust another customer’s review of a product than a business’ portrayal of its own products.

In conclusion, using stickers in product packaging can provide you with various creative opportunities. By designing stickers strategically, you can boost your brand identity, promote product information, drive more sales, and encourage user-generated content.

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