Art paper stickers are popular materials because it offers high print quality. It has a smooth surface, which allows for the accurate printing of intricate details, vibrant colours, and sharp images. Hence, it’s perfect for branding, product labelling, packaging, and promotions.

It’s a cost-effective option if you need to customise your designs in terms of shape, size, and finishing to fit your desired aesthetics and branding goals.

At StickerMarket, we offer three finishing options you can choose from to top off your art paper sticker orders. Each option offers unique advantages that can enhance the look and functionality of the products. Read on to learn more.

Gloss Lamination

gloss lamination

This glossy finish is a favourite choice for many businesses and designers because it adds a shiny and reflective feature to the stickers. The glossy coating can also help enhance the colours of the designs to make them look more vibrant and eye-catching.

The glossy feature can also make the stickers stand out, especially when it catches the light. It is an excellent feature for logo stickers because it provides a shiny finish that enhances the appearance of the sticker.

Additionally, this finishing can accentuate the colours of your designs, making them more vibrant and eye-catching. If you plan on giving away stickers to promote your business during an event, this is the best option to elevate your stickers and make them impressive without breaking the bank.

Matte Lamination

paper stickers

Conversely, a matte finish can add a soft and muted touch to your designs, which results in a more sophisticated look. This is your ideal choice if you want to achieve an elegant feel to your branding to complement your products, like luxurious jewellery or skincare line.

Stickers with matte finish have smooth and non-reflective surfaces and do not produce glare or reflections under light. This feature helps make information on labels easier to read and view from different angles, especially in settings where lighting conditions vary.

The matte lamination can also make stickers more receptive to pens and markers when compared to gloss lamination, so you can write on them when necessary. However, it is important to note that due to the naturally shiny surface of art paper stickers, writing on them using ballpoint pens may cause smudging. Wait until the ink has dried completely before touching or adding more notes.

But, all in all, matte lamination is generally preferred for luxury and high-end branding.


uncoated lamination

Unlike the previously mentioned finishings where the lamination process is done, this last option offers no additional coating or layer. This results in a raw, natural look to the design.

Uncoated stickers are a perfect choice for adding a tactile quality to their products. The lack of coating provides a unique texture that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a product or design. While it’s not as shiny as glossy finishing, uncoated art paper stickers have a natural semi-glossy appearance.

A special feature of uncoated stickers is their excellent writability. You can use a ballpoint pen, marker, or pencil to write on uncoated stickers and add a more personal touch to your homemade products or to add a message to gifts.

When writing on uncoated art paper stickers, it’s important to know that the ink may smudge if not handled properly. To avoid this, try using a fine-tipped pen or marker and allowing the ink to dry completely before touching the sticker.

Uncoated art paper stickers are also best used for a DIY project to complete the handmade feel with handwritten notes on stickers.

When deciding on the finishing for your art paper stickers, consider the overall design of your product or brand and the desired look you want to achieve. Glossy finishes create a shiny and reflective effect, while matte finishes offer a more subdued and sophisticated look. Uncoated finishes provide a natural and rustic feel. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.