In this blog, we talk about some sticker material alternatives you can use to make your drink labels more appealing to customers.

The labels on drink products are important because it’s the first thing that shoppers notice when deciding on a drink labels. With so many options to choose from, the bottle with the most striking label design likely gets picked.

This is why every detail counts. That includes the colour palette, typography, graphics, and, most especially, the label material where the designs get printed.

Gold and Silver Vinyl

Vinyl stickers are long-lasting and can be used in various environments as they are resistant to water and fading. This makes them excellent for drinks served cold because vinyl-based labels can withstand moisture from cooling. They have a glossy finish that makes them more attractive.

Gold Vinyl Stickers

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Using gold vinyl stickers for your custom label is one way you can add a touch of luxury to drink labels. The material can instantly grab customers’ attention due to its flashing golden hue. It also has a reflective surface that catches the light for a visually stunning effect that would make your products stand out on the shelves.

Gold drink labels exude elegance, hence, excellent for fine wines, craft beer, and premium spirits. You can perfectly impart exclusivity and quality from the get-go with a classic-looking drink labels.

Silver Vinyl Stickers

Similar to gold vinyl, silver vinyl is excellent for adding a touch of sophistication to bottle labels. Nonetheless, a silver colour is better suited if you want to focus more on making your product look contemporary and timely. Most especially if your target market is young adults who are always looking for something new.

The material’s sleek and modern appearance is perfect for enhancing the visual appeal of various products, like sparkling drinks, vodka, wines, premium coffee, etc. Silver vinyl stickers have a subtle shine that would make them striking when displayed side-by-side with products labelled with basic materials.

By using silver vinyl in your drink labels design, you can impress customers with style and elegance that resonates with their taste.

Foil Paper

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Paper stickers are affordable and easy to use. They are ideal for indoor use and dry application as longer exposure to water and chemicals may cause the label to tear and the prints to fade. Although designed for short-term applications, they are versatile and can adhere to various materials, such as glass bottles, metallic cans, and plastic bottles.

Foil paper is a special sticker with a smooth and matted look. They are also available in gold and silver colours and offer the same elegance and uniqueness on your drink labels as gold and silver vinyls

Foil paper is a great material to use for your drink labels designs if you want to add a subtle glint and increase the depth and dimension of your bottle labels. The unique reflective quality of foil paper is an excellent way to create an eye-catching display that will ensure your products remain in the spotlight.

Utilizing foil paper is a simple yet effective way to elevate your product’s appearance and increase marketability.


Holographic labels are another option to create a unique and attention-grabbing design. The 3D effect and shifting patterns of holographic labels make them a mesmerizing material that creates an iridescent effect. Using this material can build curiosity and draw customers toward your product.

To make the most out of the material’s distinct features, it is vital to keep your design minimal and leave lots of empty spaces. The ink will block the magical effect, meaning the more printed elements, the lesser it becomes apparent.

Additionally, you should use limited colours in your design since the material itself is already colourful. Adding more colours on top of it will only make your custom label cluttered.

Embossed Paper

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You can make your custom drink labels look and feel premium by adding a tactile effect to them with embossed paper. The raised effect is best for highlighting your logo, brand name or product name. This special feature will provide not only visual interest but will also create a lasting impression on customers. It will give your product a luxurious touch and set them apart from plain items on display.

Whether you prefer a subtle embossed logo or a complex design, the embossed paper takes your label’s overall look to the next level. The combination of visual and tactile elements makes embossed paper labels stand out on the shelf and catch the consumer’s attention.

In conclusion, the material used for printing product labels can make or break the design. By paying extra attention to such detail in your drink products, you can ensure that your branding is consistent and eye-catching, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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