These days, most people prefer to shop online rather than head to the store and purchase something in person. As such, the demand for online products has continuously been on the rise. Of course, this allows small communities and businesses to sell their specially-made products at fantastic prices.

Aside from businesses, many independent artists have also benefited from the shift towards online shopping. With websites like Esty, you can easily set up shop and sell off all of your creative products. But like any business, there are a lot of things that you’ll need to look into and consider in order to successfully sell your products.

Today, we’ll be talking about a specific item in general: stickers. These items are rather popular on many e-commerce platforms. But, how do you make sure it sells? Our guide will provide you with some insight.

Let’s jump into it.

Find Your Niche

Find Your Niche

There are times when having too many options isn’t the ideal thing. If you wish to sell stickers, we recommend that you find a niche to help narrow things down. You’ll want to find a theme or area to focus your efforts on. For example, pets. There are many people who would love to commission pet-related products like buttons and stickers.

Settling down to a niche can give you the groundwork needed. Once you’ve built a loyal customer base, you can start expanding your art pieces to other areas. While it’s nice to have a niche, it is also important to expand your horizons when the time comes. You shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with different ideas.

Have Consistent Designs

Have Consistent Designs

Once you’ve found something you’d like to work on, you’ll need to find ways to maintain your momentum. It can be easy to sell a few stickers. The real challenge comes after. Staying consistent with designs is something that even big businesses suffer from. You should work to ensure that the quality of your products doesn’t drop over time.

Your customers will expect you to always have high-quality products and you’ll need to meet those expectations. Add to the product’s quality by using tough and durable materials. Another option is reaching out to printing professionals like us here at StickerMarket. The pros ensure that every sticker you have remains of a high quality, no matter how many you need to print out.

Provide a Clear Product Description

Provide a Clear Product Description

Moving on the e-commerce side of things, providing a clear description of your products is rather essential. Customers place their trust in you to use clear and understandable language for your product listings. As a seller, you want to avoid confusion and misunderstandings at all costs. It only takes a simple mistake for your reputation to drop.

Provide all of the necessary information and give some tips as well. Communicating with your clients this way may not seem like much but it does a lot to build trust between you and them. Aside from product descriptions, you’ll also need to provide high-quality images of what you are selling. A picture can tell your customers all they need to know about the product.

Be Aware About Trademark and Copyrights


When designing something, be careful that you are still within the Fair Dealing law. You could get into legal trouble if you are using images that are copyrighted or trademarked by another entity. Read up on what is and what is not allowed when you are designing something. You wouldn’t want to infringe on someone’s intellectual property.

If there is someone whose work you’re interested in incorporating into your own, make sure to contact them! Speaking with fellow creators can give you an edge and allow you to create something that is unique. Once you’ve done all of the necessary research, you can try your hand at what you like.

Those are just 4 of the essential tips that I should know. Of course, there are many different approaches and strategies you can take to feel your products in your store. Attract more people by doing sales, giveaways and other events where your clients engage with you and your staff members.