Proper planning and promotion of an event is crucial to both the goers and organisers. With a well-promoted event, you and your team can reach and exceed the expected results. The success of your promotional campaign will depend on how well you are able to spread information and catch the eye of the public. 

An effective way of spreading the word around is through the use of stickers. You can place valuable information on each sticker and ask your team to stick them around town. By doing this, people who’re interested will know when your event will begin and people who don’t know about it will become aware. 

In this guide, we will provide you with information about what type of stickers you can use to promote an event or festival.

Transparent Stickers


These clear stickers are great at making the object stuck to pop-up out. This type of sticker is perfect if you have a minimalist logo. Together with the surface it’s stuck to, transparent stickers can be incredibly eye-catching. Another thing to take note of is that, with this kind of sticker, you won’t have to worry about its colours clashing.

You don’t have to limit yourself to using these during the promotional period. If your event is serving food and drinks, you can use this type of sticker. Place these stickers on cups and bottles to spread awareness about your company. While providing awareness, people will still be able to see the colours and contents of the bottle.

Name Tag Stickers

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This is a different type of sticker that is extremely useful when planning and promoting an event. Custom name tags allow your staff to connect with the event goers. Since a festival or event is usually filled with people, getting familiar with the staff can make them appreciate their efforts more. It also gives the event goers a great sense of security and safety.

Aside from giving your staff names, you can also give name tags to the event goers. This makes the event more personal and social for the people going. People will be able to mingle and get to know each other. Some may even make new friends. Having name tags can make the process of socialisation much easier. 

Bumper Stickers

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What Stickers to Use to Create a Buzz Around an Event - 2023 6

Does your event planning include using vehicles? One of the strategies that you can use is making use of bumper stickers. Vehicles can get farther and faster than any person can. Bumper stickers can become a natural focus for people who are driving behind you. The more you travel with your bumper stickers, the more people will learn about your event.

For such little stickers, they are able to create a lot of exposure for your company and the event that you’re doing. Another approach that you can take is paying individuals to stick your bumper stickers on their cars. This becomes a passive method for you to promote without you having to place too much effort into it.

Packaging Stickers

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What Stickers to Use to Create a Buzz Around an Event - 2023 7

While planning for an event, there may be people that you wish products or invitations to. To make the packaging look even better, you will want to use stickers to make it look better. Doing so can make the packaging look premium and exclusive, which many people are attracted to. Many goers will appreciate your efforts in giving them little gifts and personal invitations.

You can have a lot of fun with packaging stickers due to the sheer amount of options that you can have. Roll stickers allow you to seal and label the package at the same time. Choose the best design that matches your vision and watch as people folk attend your event. This approach can strengthen your brand before, during, and even after the event has taken place.

There are a lot more stickers that you can use to create hype around your event. Be sure to try different stickers and see how it is able to produce the results you expect. We also suggest that you use your stickers with other promotional methods to maximise the potential of your event or festival.

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