Enhancing Your Mail and Package - Tip3

Address Label

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Sending handwritten letters and invitations can be tedious, but personalised mail adds a special touch. To streamline the process, consider using address labels, which not only save time but also give your mail a distinct flair, acting as your signature. In this blog, we explore how customised stickers can enhance your mail and packages.

Tip 1: Company Branding

For businesses, address labels provide an excellent branding opportunity. Include your logo, business name, and contact details. Cleverly placed stickers help customers get to know you better. Add QR codes to direct people to your social media pages, boosting your online presence.

Tip 2: Keep It Simple and Short

Ensure your labels are concise and avoid cluttering them with excessive information. Design the labels with a focus on highlighting essential details. For business use, include your name, position, and address, creating a professional image. Personal labels for family and loved ones can have more creative designs and text.

Tip 3: Select and Use a Theme

If design isn't your strength, using a theme can simplify the process. Define your brand with a consistent theme, making future design tasks easier. Experiment with different themes to generate excitement around your products and releases.

BONUS TIP: Choose a reliable printing company

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