In order to remove stickers, we have made this guide for you. We’ll be talking about the different methods and approaches that you can use. 

These days, using stickers on your laptop has become popular. But, the space on your laptop is limited. So, what happens when you want to replace the old with the new? Putting one on is easy. Removing them, however, may not be so easy. This is because of a variety of different factors.

Crudely removing

a sticker from your logo may leave a residue that you do not want to be on your laptop. Knowing proper removal techniques will save you a lot of trouble later on. Before you start removing it, be sure to think about the decision. There are certain stickers that act as seals and will matter if you wish to keep your warranty.

Things You Should Have on Hand

Things You Should Have on Hand

Before you start the removal process, you will want to have tools on hand. These tools will make the process much easier for you. Here are some things you should have with you:

  • Credit Card
  • A thin, plastic knife
  • Cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Rubbing alcohol

Scraping it Off

remove stickers

Should the sticker be there for under a year, you can simply peel it off without having to worry about any residue. However, if it has been left there for over a year, it will be difficult to remove stickers without the proper methods. When you first start removing it, make use of your fingernail or a tool if your nails are trimmed.

Once it has fully come off, you can start cleaning off the residue off your laptop. Apply a bit of rubbing alcohol on a piece of cloth and start rubbing it away. The residue should come off clean easily. You can also try adding a bit of dish soap to make the process even easier. Make sure that your laptop is off while you are doing this.

Using Oil-Based Substances to remove stickers

Using Oil Based Substances

This method uses oil-based substances such as lotion and petroleum jelly. These are applied to loosen the adhesives, making it quite easy to peel or scrape off the stickers. Similar to the method we’ve shown above, apply a small amount on a clean cloth. Then rub it onto the sticker, letting it soak up the oil. While using this method, make sure that you avoid getting the substance in any holes or gaps. A mistake could cause damage to your computer.

We recommend that you use this method on dealing with stickers that are uncoated and made of paper materials. Durable materials such as vinyl can make a bit more time to remove stickers. If you are dealing with something waterproof, you’ll want to leave the oil on the sticker for a few minutes to make it work.

You Can Use Heat Too

You Can Use Heat Too

If you wish to go for a neater approach, then this is the one that we recommend. This method makes use of heat guns and hair dryers for removal. Place it at the lowest heat setting and point the tools directly at the sticker that you wish to be rid of. Do this for 30 – 45 seconds at a time. Be sure to take note of how much heat is being put out.

The computer can get damaged if it is exposed to too much heat. After two passes, the stickers should peel off quite easily. A benefit of this method is that there shouldn’t be any residue or shredding left. If the sticker is still stuck, try to use your fingernail or credit card to lift it off. Once you start lifting it, it should be easy to remove stickers.

With these tips, you can keep decorating your laptop without having to worry about any residue being left behind. Be sure to try other methods as well. There can be some hidden tricks out there that may be useful to you.

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