In this guide, we will be providing you with tips regarding the removal of car decals. Following this can prevent you from making any mistakes.

Although applying stickers and car decals on your cars can help in advertising, there comes a time when you need to remove them. Whether you need to do so because you have a new campaign or maybe because you have a new company logo, it can be difficult if it is your first time doing so. A mistake can easily damage the company vehicle.

Not only can the paint job get damaged if done sloppy, but getting rid of those residues can be a pain as well. If you are willing to risk the trouble, then you need all the help you can get. A clean state can prepare you and your car for the next advertising campaign you need to do. There are a few things you can do to avoid making a mess of your vehicle.

Clean the Area with Soapy Water

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When attempting to get rid of a car decal, you will want to clean up the dirt and debris. If you try to remove the car decals forcefully, it can scratch the car’s paint. Begin by using a cloth or sponge with soap water, washing the surrounding areas of the car decals. Once you’ve done that, you can slowly peel off the adhesive and clean up the residue using rubbing alcohol or other solutions.

If you can’t be bothered to clean the area using soapy water, then you can run the vehicle through the car wash. Once the car is thoroughly cleaned, the sticker will easily come off when you try to peel it off. Doing this thoroughly will prevent any scratches or dents from appearing on your vehicles.

Using Heat

Using Heat

If you aren’t able to peel off the entire car decals, then you need to apply heat on it to loosen the adhesive. Take a hairdryer and set it on the hot. Aim it on the centre of the sticker and then start to move to the rest of it. Continue doing this for a few seconds until you feel that the sticker is warm when you touch it.

Once you’ve heated it enough, you can use your fingernail or an old credit card to scrape away the car decals. If you’ve cleaned the area with soapy water before, there will be weak spots on the sticker, so make sure that you begin your process there. Don’t use a razor blade if you aren’t using it to remove a sticker from the window. The wrong move can leave permanent scratches on your vehicle.

Wax the Area

Wax the Area

Once the decals have been removed, the paint may become weak and vulnerable. To strengthen the paint job, you will need to apply wax to it. Apply a layer of the car wax to ensure proper removal as well as provide the surface with protection. Doing this will ensure that your vehicle will be ready to be decorated later on.

If there are any residues left, before removing them thoroughly. A custom decal can leave a stubborn residue that needs to be removed properly.

Once you’ve removed the decals from your car, you can start preparing it to apply another set of them. Marketing using car decals can bring your brand a lot of exposure and attention. Depending on how far your vehicle will reach, many people will learn about who you are and what your company is all about.

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