Whether you are running a business or just an employee, business cards should always be at your side. But did you know that there are other uses for your business cards? The shape and sizes make them ideal for all sorts of print media. Finding creative ways to use custom business cards will allow you to attract customers in a creative way.

Depending on what you need, you can choose different types of material for the business cards. These materials will change the way the card is used and how people perceive you. Make sure that you carefully consider what to use your business cards for. In order to help you find more uses, we have created this guide.

With this, we will provide you with suggestions and tips. Check out what you can do with a custom business card.

Membership/Loyalty Cards

loyalty card
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If your business makes use of a membership/loyalty system, having tangible cards can make your customers feel special. People love to be a part of groups, especially if that group is prestigious. You will want to make use of materials that can easily fit inside your wallet. Along with your membership/loyalty cards, you can give away rewards.

Adding rewards can draw people in and incentivize them to come back to you. To keep track of progress, the membership/loyalty card can be used. You can also create membership exclusive sales to further give your customers a reason to get a membership. Keep promoting your membership/loyalty programme to help it flourish.

Appointment Cards

appointment card
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Scheduling your appointment is only natural if you are providing a service. To help remind your clients, and yourself, of the appointment, you should give out a card. A physical reminder can catch your client’s interest and ensures that they won’t forget about coming in for their scheduled appointment. 

The ideal card size is one that fits in the pocket. On the card, you should provide your contact information. Leave some spaces blank so you can fill in the time, date, and location of the appointment.

Event Tickets

event card
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Business cards make for great event tickets. If you are planning to hold an event, having your business card serve as tickets will leave a lasting impression on the client. Along with your personal information, you can add the event details such as the venue and when the event will begin.

You can get creative with this. Using special features on the business card can attract clients and create buzz for the event. Complete the whole thing with a fun design to motivate the customers to come to the event. You can even add bar codes to make the entire event a bit more secure.

Jewellery Backing

Business Cards
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If you have jewellery for sale, using business cards is a great way to display your pieces. What you do is punch a couple of holes into the cards and place your pieces into it. These displays will provide your customers with information about the pieces and your company. Don’t skimp out on the information you put in.

You can match the glamour of the jewellery with a creative business card design. The business cards can serve as the packaging for the jewellery. As with the event tickets, you can add special features to make the cards a little bit more special. Potential customers will be attracted to the packaging as well as the jewellery.

Thank You Business Cards

thank you cards
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You can show how much you appreciate your customers by using thank you cards. You can add a handwritten note on the business card, giving it a personal edge. Customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Having thank-you cards can make your brand stand out too. Place them on your product’s packaging.

Aside from using business cards for your thank you cards, you can use swing tags as well. You can hang these around your products, giving each customer who purchases your products a personalised message from you.

Getting creative with business cards can save you a lot of money and time. You can use the business cards for other purposes too. Be sure to keep experimenting to find the perfect way you can use your cards!

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