Providing consumers with proper information on food labels is one of the vital things your products must do. People will gravitate towards food products that they know are safe. For this reason, you will want to include as much information about our product as possible on the food labels. But how should you go about improving this aspect?

With the proper food labels, you can encourage consumers to choose your food product over the competition. Experts believe that should people be presented with a healthier food option, then they will choose the healthiest one possible. Today, we are going to provide you with a guide that can help you enhance your food labels.

This guide will give you the insight and ideas that you need. We’ve compiled a list of different tips and improvements you can make to your food labels.

Let’s dive into it.

How You Can Improve the Effectiveness of Food Labels

Highlight the Serving Size and Calories

Highlight-the-Serving-Size-and-Calories Food Labels

When people go shopping for food and ingredients, the first thing they’ll want to take a look at is the serving size and calories. These numbers indicate important information that’s relevant to consumers’ health and nutrition. Highlighting these factors will ensure that people will instantly scan the label for the info they need and put the product in their cart. With the nutritional facts highlighted, you’ll also be able to earn your customer’s trust.

For certain products, such as snacks, these facts will become even more important. Not emphasising this product may damage your image. People want to buy products that they can put their trust in. Should you try to omit this part of the label, customers won’t think twice about ignoring your product and you’ll be in trouble with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Better List of Ingredients

Better-List-of-Ingredients Food Labels

The ingredients list of your products should be more than that. You should use ratios of the product out of 100%. Using this method will give consumers a better idea of what they are truly getting with your product. Once again, customers will appreciate the transparency from you and this will play a part in them choosing your products. You can also make this section much clearer than it was before.

A larger font size and adding percentages can go a long way to make this section much more useful than better. Larger font sizes also mean that people will be able to spot ingredients that they are allergic to. So don’t forget to add all of the necessary information to protect the people that purchase and enjoy your products.

Emphasise Allergy and Intolerance Information

Emphasise-Allergy-and-Intolerance-Information food labels

Although this information can be placed together with the ingredients on food labels, you must highlight them on their own. Customers will want to avoid products that they have a food allergy to. You should always make sure that this part is always visible as missing it can harm consumers and cause a lot of issues for your brand later on.

Highlighting allergens and intolerance on food labels can be a lifesaver for you and the people who purchase your products. Certain ingredients can cause a severe allergic reaction, so highlighting this information may be the most important one of them all.

Using these techniques to enhance your food label stickers will give your products an edge in the competitive market. You can make use of a roll sticker to speed up the process of labeling. You also can use these together with a cheap label gun to streamline the entire operation.

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