After you’ve finished creating a product, the general rule is to spend about as much time promoting its launch as you did creating it. In the fast-paced world we live in today, having a successful marketing campaign can make or break the product you are trying to launch. This is especially true if you are in the tech industry. 

With an average of 2000 apps being released every day, you’ll need to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. You can use various methods to promote your app. A great tactic you can try out is using a sticker in your promotions. Although they seem a bit outdated compared to other advertising methods, using stickers can bring unexpected results.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing how stickers can be used to advertise your app and ensure that it finds new users every day.

Stickers Can Help Advertise Your Mobile App

Interactive User Experience

Stickers Can Help Advertise Your Mobile App - Interactive User Experience

Creating a memorable experience should always be your number one goal. The sticker does this precisely. You can incorporate brand or app-related stickers, encouraging users to interact with the content that you put out and share it on other social media platforms. Doing this will help others gain awareness about your brand and bring more eyes to your company.

Not only does this type of promotion expand your reach, but you also build a community around your app naturally. Now, people can spread the good word about you through the internet. You can even design your stickers with QR codes that take passersby to your social media pages. There, you can tell them all about your company and the app that you’ve just developed.

You can do this promotion method before, during, and after your app is released to the public. Another valuable tool that you may like to use is business cards. 

Cross-Promotion Potential

Stickers Can Help Advertise Your Mobile App - Cross-Promotion Potential

During the app’s lifetime, you may think about collaborating with well-known companies and IPs to further elevate the prestige of your app. To promote this event, you can use a variety of stickers to get the word out. This benefits both you and your partner as fans will flock to get the exclusive collaboration merchandise. Among these items, you can also include special stickers.

This kind of advertising method will expose you to your partner’s audience and vice versa. As such it is a lucrative strategy if you can pull it off. 

Rewards and Giveaways

Stickers Can Help Advertise Your Mobile App - Rewards and Giveaways

There is nothing people love more than free stuff and winning prizes. You can incorporate stickers into your giveaway campaigns. Adding a QR code will make it more convenient for people to join in on the fun. You can stick information about the event around different areas of your city, giving everyone a chance to come and become a part of the app’s event.

You can even include special, exclusive rewards on the sticker to incentivise people even further. Aside from giveaways, you can create elaborate games using stickers, so don’t hesitate to think outside the box. This method can help you go viral on many platforms, so there’s a lot to gain with little risk.

Although overlooked, stickers are powerful tools in advertising. Embrace this unique form of marketing and watch your app grow! This is only one of the ways you can attract users for your app. There are other methods you can try out as well, so keep mixing things up to ensure that your clients can see something new every time.

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