In today’s blog, we will be talking about how you can make use of custom stickers to grow your presence in the music industry.

For many independent bands, getting your name known by the public can be a challenge. Aside from making excellent songs, you need to do a little bit more to advertise your band to people. Due to the sheer amount of bands and musicians, you might get overshadowed if you don’t have a plan to promote yourself. 

There are multiple promotional approaches you can do. The most popular of course is using the internet. These days, dropping a single, album, or EP has never been easier. However, you can make use of an often overlooked piece of advertisement called a sticker. Stickers are versatile and you can use them in different ways to promote your band or the music you write.

Easy to Spread Around

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One of the best reasons to use stickers to promote your brand is how easy it is to spread around. With the right material, you can put sticker anywhere without having to worry about it getting ruined. Depending on the location you’ve placed the sticker in, you can reach new people and catch their attention.

By passing it out before or after the show, you can encourage fans to spread the word about who you are. You can also place valuable information on the sticker to catch newer fans up to speed. The options are limitless with stickers. You can even place them in bathroom stalls or places that people can see during their stops.

A Great Way to Connect Fans

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Building a fanbase is crucial for any band. However, you shouldn’t rely on your music alone to attract people to come and see you. You also need to use clever promotional campaigns to build your name. This is where sticker can come in. Your band can give away band stickers before or after the show.

If you have fans already, they will be eager to use your sticker and represent you. The more people that use your sticker on their personal belongings, the more potential fans are attracted to your shows. These stickers are also a great way to connect to fans and show them how much they mean to you. 

Create Engagement on Your Social Media Pages

Freebies and Promotional Giveaways
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As we’ve mentioned earlier, social media is king in today’s digital world. Without a social media presence, you might as well not exist. So growing your online presence is extremely important. Stickers help you gain new followers and create engagement on your socials.  Place QR codes, your handles, and your website on your stickers.

With new people being driven to your social media pages, you can start engaging with your fans. Provide them with info and even answer their questions and messages. Being transparent with people will allow you to keep growing. You should also consider using stickers to bring attention to your merch store if you have that. 

Freebies and Promotional Giveaways

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Stickers cost money but giving them away pays its dividends. You can include stickers in your albums or during promotional runs. People love getting freebies, no matter how small it is. Including promotional stickers inside your albums will encourage people to use them on their personal belongings.

These freebies will become an excellent marketing tool for your band. You can stick them to a variety of different places. Aside from including them in your albums, you can also give stickers to your friends and family members. Ask them to plaster the stickers all over the town and see your fan base grow steadily.

Growing your fanbase can be quite a challenge. Using a variety of promotional approaches is part of what can make you successful. Aside from stickers, decals are also a great tool to promote yourself and your music. Keep working on your music and build a dedicated fan base.

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