For a project to succeed, you need to consider many different things. One of the most important ones is choosing the right tools for the job. If you are doing a promotional campaign using stickers, you need to wisely choose the material that it’s made of. Depending on the type of campaign you are doing, a sticker type can make or break the whole thing.

If you are planning to stick your adverts and logos outside, then you’ll need something more durable. This is because the conditions outdoors can be quite harsh, leading the sticker to get damaged. A damaged and ruined advert can create a bad impression on your brand and company.

To avoid this, you need to choose the appropriate type of stickers for advertising outdoors. This blog will provide you with different suggestions about which one is the best.

Let’s begin.

3 Types of Stickers Used for Outdoor Advertising


3 Types of Stickers Used for Outdoor Advertising - Vinyl

In our view, vinyl stickers are the most popular option for outdoor use. This is due to a combination of things but the most important feature is how durable it is. You can customise the sticker in a multitude of ways, making them suitable for any surface outdoors. Not only that but, most vinyl stickers are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the rain ruining them.

If you are worried about sun damage, you don’t have to worry for long. Because of the waterproofing, this type of decal is UV resistant. Meaning you can leave it all day in the sun and the colour won’t fade away. These are also great giveaway items if your business is just launching, gaining the attention of many people.

Bumper Stickers

3 Types of Stickers Used for Outdoor Advertising - Bumper Stickers

You can never beat the classics. Using the company vehicle to advertise has been a thing since people have cars. The reason why this method is so effective is because of how many cars are on the road. The farther it goes, the more people will get exposed to your company and brand. Don’t forget to let your employees stick your logos on their cars as well.

With these kinds of stickers, you don’t need to limit yourself to just your logo. You can add messages and sayings that fall in line with your company’s beliefs. Adding some humour gives people more reason to take a gander at your adverts. Mix it up to achieve the maximum potential in each outing.

Floor Signs and Graphics

3 Types of Stickers Used for Outdoor Advertising - Floor Signs and Graphics

In terms of adverts, these are unique and innovative. These graphics and signs are placed on sidewalks, store floors, pavements, and other public places. The main draw of these stickers is how they can capture the attention of people as they go about their day. Even if they aren’t part of your target audience, seeing your logo and brand can have a positive effect.

Now, your colours and designs can seep into the public’s subconscious. If you place them in highly-visible places, that’s even better. These stickers are the ideal choice if you’ve got an event going on or even if you’re just using it as a simple sign. Floor signs can also do wonders if you place them inside your store as it can create more space.

In the advertising game, having custom signs and advertisements creates a huge impact on your business. As the years go by, you can expect the technology to get even better, with advanced stickers that push the boundaries of creativity. Using this marketing strategy to promote your products is something that you won’t regret.

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