Have you bought something from the shopping centre recently? If you have, chances are, the reason you bought that product wasn’t just because you needed it. Sure, you may have needed that jar of pickles but it was the packaging that drew you to them. That is the main purpose of the containers and boxes.

If done right, it is what will sell your product to various customers. This is especially the case if your brand is just starting out. People will judge the item based on how they see it on the shelf in the store or how the pictures will look online. It’s there to draw attention, send a message, and make the customers feel a certain way towards it.

To help your product stand out from the rest of the competition, you need to use different approaches and strategies to help you succeed. Here are three ways you can personalise what your products are contained in.

Multilingual Approach to Packaging


The world is quite diverse out there. If you want to reach more customers, then you may wish to use different languages on the packaging. You can add key translations of instructions, messages, and other important information. Doing this not only caters to a wide audience but also helps people from different cultures get familiar with your brand.

Adding different languages demonstrates inclusivity. People from all across the world will appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to include their language, increasing your reputation internationally as well. This strategy also helps you tap into a demographic that many local businesses don’t think about: Tourists.

Riding the Seasons

IMG 1177

You can take advantage of the seasons by altering the packaging of your product accordingly. Add cute little stickers along with appropriately themed wrappers and watch it fly off the shelves. People do holiday-themed things, no matter what sort it is. Don’t stop at the packaging, you can also make limited, holiday-themed products in order to maximise the opportunity you have.

Whether it’s the feeling of joyous Spring or the melancholy of Winter, this tactic will bring out positive emotions within your customers and help you form a connection with them. Don’t forget to do your research! Just like with the multilingual text, you can cater to certain demographics based on the event that you wish to use for your theme.

Going Retro

IMG 5353

Nostalgia is one of the driving factors behind why people buy things. Look at the most expensive items that are on sale. Most of them are either vintage or first-edition copies. You can hop into the nostalgia train as well by designing stickers in custom, retro-inspired packaging. Work with your designers in order to get that ultra-classic look.

To really complete the look, you can even add modern elements to create a totally unique aesthetic. 

Personalised designs and packaging can do wonders for your brand. This isn’t just a tactic to market your product to your customers but also acts as a love letter to the people that’s supported your business. Regulars will love the effort that you are putting in to produce a better experience for people who purchase things from you.

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